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Robotic Process Automation Consulting Services

We help you automate business and IT processes with robotic process automation services to overcome complex challenges and support your automation journey at any scale – so that you can concentrate on delivering winning customer experiences.

Automation Testing

We use the power of robotic process automation services to perform Application, Software, and Platform testing to help you achieve impeccable quality at maximum speed. Our automation strategies and intelligent automation frameworks minimize the risk while focusing on the right KPIs for testing.

Our extensive expertise with the best testing tools and in-depth domain knowledge across varied industries empowers us to provide our customers with tailor-made automated solutions that suit project requirements and add value to the business.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation is a combination of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and process automation to create smart business processes and workflows that can think, learn, and adapt on their own. At iLink, we use intelligent automation to optimize your IT operations with seamless environment integration while reducing cloud and infrastructure costs.

Discover our Intelligent automation services to empower your rapid end-to-end business processes, seamlessly integrate business systems, gain insights into operations and create a stronger, more productive workforce. 

OCR/Document Understanding

Save time, cost, and other resources by utilizing automated data extraction and storage capabilities. No more manual data entries from invoices, receipts, text, tables, and diagrams.

Our team provides leading OCR and advanced document understanding services to improve your organization’s business processes and eliminate monotonous chores while reducing costs for data extraction.

DevOps Automation

From design, and development to operations, automate the entire life cycle of software with our DevOps automation services. We help you streamline the DevOps lifecycle and accelerate the delivery process by reducing human assistance and improving agility.

Our team helps you strike the right balance between over and under automation by understanding your requirements and implementing tailored strategies so you can focus on innovation and moving forward.

Stay on top of the Trends

Check out the RPA infographic to gain insights into the business benefits of implementing RPA, major industries investing, results of RPA adoption, and emerging trends.


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