Data & AI Services

Our flexible engagement models position us to work collaboratively with our client’s data to enhance, scale and operationalize existing frameworks.  We empower existing teams of both technical and nontechnical stakeholders to gain a competitive edge. 

Data Strategy

We work with you to map out the steps required to achieve a competitive edge and support your enterprise goals. Our engagement models are flexible, enabling any initiative to be successful. We work collaboratively with our client’s data science teams to enhance, scale, and operationalize existing models.

Data Lakes & Warehouse

Data warehouses offer a central repository for information and are an essential part of business intelligence.  We use a model of cloud based data warehouses like Azure Synapse Analytics, Amazon Redshift and Snowflake. We leverage Azure Data Lake storage as well as Amazon S3 to offer solutions tailored to your business. 

Data Architecture

Data architecture allows us to identify existing structures, define data requirements and provides a roadmap for data integration. Through our years of experience in this domain, we are equipped to deliver architecture with agility, flexibility and cost effectiveness accompanied by uncompromising quality.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Business intelligence allows us to create strategies and technologies for data analysis, providing a historical and predictive view of your business and goals. Utilizing stunning reports to transform, analyze, and visualize data, we play a key role in helping customers derive business value. 

Want to Stay On Top of Data & AI Trends?

Download our Data & AI infographic to learn about the biggest challenges and advantages of leveraging big data. Also learn which industries are already using Data & AI so you can stay ahead of the competition. 
"Firms will harvest insights using both data analytics and qualitative methods and will then implement insights in software to drive revenue and expand competitive barriers. This will allow them to sustain 27% to 40% annual growth." - FORRESTER 2020
Annual Growth 40%

Power BI Solutions

Data Analytics services
  • With the Power BI Desktop you can visually explore your data through a free-form drag-and-drop canvas, a broad range of modern data visualizations, and an easy-to-use report authoring experience.
  • Access your data anywhere, anytime. These native apps provide live, interactive, mobile access to your important business information.
  • With Power BI gateways, you can keep your data fresh by connecting to on-premises data sources. The gateways provide the flexibility you need to meet individual needs, and the needs of your organization.

Case Studies



Vish Nath
GM, Data & AI

Vish is a passionate business transformation leader with proven subject matter expertise. He had led and executed many Healthcare, ERP, CRM, Analytics and Business transformational initiatives. He has also led various software product development projects.

Sakthi Kannan
VP Technology, Data & AI

Sakthi is a technology leader with strong customer focus, cross-team collaboration skills and passion for excellence. He has an excellent track record of defining and driving the delivery of technical solutions to solve complex business problems. He has 15 years of product development & management experience, with expertise in data & analytics.

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