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Data Analytics Consulting Services 

Our flexible engagement models position us to work collaboratively with our client’s data to enhance, scale and operationalize existing frameworks.  We empower existing teams of both technical and nontechnical stakeholders to gain a competitive edge. 

Data Platform

Effective business starts with a strong data management solution in place. At iLink, we guide you to understand the data content, its quality, and its ability to achieve your business goals. Our experts work with you on effective data management while delivering services to cover the entire project from consulting to implementation. 

Business Analytics

We help organizations gain comprehensive business intelligence through embedded machine learning and artificial intelligence that helps them make better predictions and smarter decisions. iLink’s experts offer a range of business analytics solutions that help you see beyond the data. Our extensive experience in data analytics services helps companies make most of their data, turning insights into opportunities. 

Data Science & AI

iLink utilizes Data Science and Generative AI technology to provide cutting-edge solutions that extract valuable insights from complex datasets. With our team’s expertise in advanced algorithms and predictive modeling, we help businesses transform raw data into actionable intelligence, enabling them to optimize processes, enhance customer experiences, and unlock untapped opportunities for strategic growth.

Intelligent Apps & Automation

We work holistically to find the right AI and intelligent automation services to deliver stronger analytics to meet your business needs. Our intelligent apps and automation services help your organization improve business functions and processes ensuring your initiatives are deployed, embraced, and scaled for maximum ROI. 

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"Firms will harvest insights using both data analytics services and qualitative methods and will then implement insights in software to drive revenue and expand competitive barriers. This will allow them to sustain 27% to 40% annual growth." - FORRESTER 2020

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