Securely analyze data and create real business impact is an Azure private MEC-compatible vision platform that uses AI/ML to deliver real-time analytics. It performs real-time video processing/analytics on data streams from different UE’s to handle variant use cases to enable business transformation. Midas solutions analyses the visual data and derives meaningful information to help your business make real-time decisions leading to revenue growth, operational efficiency, and process insight.   

Unleash the Power of Edge and Private 5G in Midas Solution

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Our customers can utilize iLink Edge private 5G lab to experiment with out-of-box use cases or use iLink resources as extra hands for their R&D team​. Midas is also available as a one-click deployment over Azure Marketplace, with a one-month free trial period.​  

How Platform Works?

Art of Possible: Some real-world Use Cases Across Industries

Out-of-box Use Cases
Midas identifying an indoor fire
Track and optimize your queue/ Automated queue management
Automated underground sewer pipeline inspection
Real-time statistics of the count of vehicles in a parking lot

Custom Use Cases of Midas.AI Solutions

Health & Life Sciences
Retail & CPG
Event Management
Safety & Security
Oil and Gas
Call center​

Midas PLatform Engagement Model

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