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Value Proposition

Microsoft Fabric is an all-in-one analytics solution for enterprises that covers everything from data movement to data science, real-time analytics and business intelligence services. As a versatile and holistic solution for storing, managing and analyzing data, it has seven workloads such as Data Warehouse, Data Factory, Real Time Analytics, and Power BI. Most of these workloads are generally available since November 15, 2023.

Microsoft Fabric does it all—in a Unified Solution​

An end-to-end analytics platform that brings together all the data and analytics tools that organizations need to go from the data lake to the business user

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Real Time Analytics
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Power BI
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Unified Data Foundation
One Lake

SaaS product experience

Security and governance

Compute and storage

Business model

The Data Platform for the era of AI

Microsoft Fabric - Features and Benefits

Complete Analytics Platform
Lake Centric & Open
Employer Every Business User
AI Powered

iLink Digital is a Microsoft Fabric Featured Partner!

Building on our consecutive US Power BI Partner of the Year awards (2021 & 2022), our data experts harness the full potential of Microsoft Fabric’s integrated capabilities, accelerating data value creation for our customers. We were recognized by Microsoft as a Fabric Featured Partner during the November 2023 Ignite conference when Fabric went into General Availability.

Customized Workshops to Evaluate:

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Training & Change Management

Fabric Real Time Analytics


  • Architecture design sessions
  • Customized integration patterns
  • Proofs of concept and production pilots
  • Real-time analytics systems review, tuning, and optimization
  • Real time dashboards & actionable advanced analytics

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From the Perspective of Data Experts

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Looking for a quick Proof of Concept? Our Experts can help!

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we help enterprises unlock hidden values with advanced data analytics from readiness to adoption. With our Microsoft Fabric services, you can streamline workflows and drive business growth with real-time data analytics.

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