Snowflake offers the Data Cloud a global network with limitless scalability, concurrency and performance that enables the data mobilization of thousands of enterprises.  

Snowflake is a fully managed SaaS (software as a service) platform that powers and offers access to the Data Cloud, providing a solution for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data research, data application development and data sharing. 

Snowflake and iLink: Transforming Data Management with a Powerful Partnership

iLink digital has partnered with Snowflake as a service partner to deliver best-industry practices for data management, data governance, data integration, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics solutions for our clients. We identify the key challenges and problems our clients encounter during data processing and offer them the best-in-class industry solution using Snowflake services.

Power BI

Key Features:

Cloud data warehouse modernization.

Cloud data management by providing a highly scalable and fully elastic platform in the Data Cloud.

Cloud data warehousing, data lake, data sharing, data engineering and data application development on one platform.

Cross-Cloud Deployment capabilities that support multi-cloud strategies in cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Automatic database management: Snowflake enables enterprises to automate data management, security, governance, availability and data resiliency.

Connectivity with various data integration (Hevo Data, Apache Kafka, Informatica Cloud), machine learning & data sciences (Amazon SageMaker, Qlik AutoML) and BI & analytics tools (Looker, Power BI, Tableau).

Our SnowFlake Consulting Services

Rapid Productivity

Cloud BI Strategy & Roadmap

Drive a comprehensive strategy to integrate snowflake services in your BI portfolio.

Speed & Code

Proof of Concepts

Experience Snowflake in action delivering insights using your own production data

Multipipeline Development

Snowflake COE

Our dedicated COE helps customers build a strong foundation and roadmap for complete Data Warehouse Solutions along with thought leadership articles

Open Platform

On-Premise & Cloud Integration

Consume data from cloud & on-Prem also combine both on-Prem and cloud data and apply business logics using DBT

Traditional Data Warehouse to Snowflake Migration

With our Proficient tools, techniques and team we help our customers accelerate the migration to the Snowflake Data platform

Snowpark for Python, Java and Scala

A new developer experience for Snowflake that allows developers to write code in their preferred language and run that code directly on Snowflake

Why Does Snowpark Matter?

Custom Software Development

Teams can now create custom applications with complex logic using the functional programming paradigm of the Snowpark API

Traditional DevOps and Engineering Standards

Developers can create more reliable and deployable applications by writing unit tests and leveraging CI/CD deployment pipelines that push to Snowflake

Better Partner Integrations

Snowpark lets partners create software applications that work better on Snowflake. Applications like Dataiku, dbt and Matillion can push complex computations down to Snowflake (teams may already be using those in Snowpark without even realizing it)

Open-Source Libraries

Python, Java and Scala are vastly more extensible than SQL and allow the development of rich open-source software. Snowpark lets developers run those libraries at scale on Snowflake compute to process data internal and external to Snowflake

From the Perspective of Data Experts

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