Managed Infrastructure Security Services

Migrate Legacy Infrastructure to the Cloud Seamlessly


Infrastructure Security Services

Cloud Readiness Assessments

Our team identifies which parts of your business are ready for cloud adoption by rolling out a full assessment and a detailed gap analysis so you an be assured nothing gets missed. 

Migration Planning & Implementation

Once we complete an assessment, we deliver your unique cloud strategy roadmap determining the best cloud platform for your business needs. We then seamlessly migrate your data and eliminate expensive CapEx costs. 

Cloud Implementation

Our team of of 617 consultants, architects, technicians, and developers seamlessly bring your data and applications to the cloud and eliminate the expensive CapEx costs of your on-prem data center.

Workshops / Proof-of-Concept

We know your business can’t afford to waste time. Win executive buy-in for your project by deploying a market-ready proof-of-concept in 90 days.

Managed Cloud Services

We understand performance is crucial so we make sure your platform is able to respond to traffic spikes. We work to keep your cloud infrastructure management services costs to a minimum with fully managed IT services. 

Compliance & Security

Security in the cloud is essential. Cloud consultants vet each CSP to exceed your regulatory needs and ensure your cloud assets are secure from hackers, and make sure you avoid any costly regulatory fines.

Cloud Architecture Design

We format public, private and hybrid cloud environments to accomodate your existing applications and deploy market ready proof-of-concepts in 90 days. 

Cloud Software Development

Our team builds cloud-based applications with open source code that’s easy for your team to update and maintain so you can keep things running smoothly. 

Cost Optimization

We work to reduce costs by finding and fixing issues that could be causing you to pay more than necessary. We also remove expensive on-prem server infrastructure with cloud solutions well below retail pricing across Azure, AWS & GCP.

Remote Work Capabilities

Our team will provide a thorough assessment of your existing frameworks and identify which technologies can be leveraged for remote work. We offer multiple solutions across various platforms to bring tele-working to your organization.

"For instance, by 2021, the root cause of 90% of cloud-based availability issues will be the failure to fully use cloud service provider native redundancy capabilities." - GARTNER 2019

Business Outcomes

Migrating to a cloud environment can cut your costs and make your business more agile, but move can be fraught with technical risks. 

Cloud architects at iLink will assess your environment to ensure you’re ready for the cloud, and deploy a proof-of-concept that shows the viability of cloud enablement – so everyone is comfortable with the move. 

Microsoft CSP Program

We are a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider offering services to help businesses of all sizes to drive cloud strategy and deployment. Through the Microsoft CSP program, iLink offers flexible Licensing plans with no locking periods or upfront costs. 

Working with iLink as your CSP Partner means :


Case Studies

Explore our proactive thinking, exclusive research, and exciting shared success stories. Embark your journey to the forefront of infrastructure security services – where innovation meets excellence! 



iLink’s infrastructure security services help organizations keep applications more secure and safe. Our range of services includes managed infrastructure services, professional services, and product agonistic services. With over a decade of experience, our team of experts works round the clock to monitor and manage your infrastructure. We also facilitate end-to-end security and infrastructure management services catering to specific needs.

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