Boutique Hotel Improves Performance and Agility With Cloud


To tackle growing competition, increase agility and reduce cost, while meeting the demands of the digital consumer, businesses in the hospitality industry are ramping up the adoption technology. Recognizing these challenges, our client, an operator of boutique hotels reached out to iLink to refresh their hardware, which was approaching its end of life, and begin its transition to cloud to host its infrastructure and services.


The performance had taken a hit because of legacy infrastructure. After conducting a thorough assessment of the client’s IT infrastructure, business applications, legacy technologies and network components, working with the client IT and business team iLink devised a phased plan.


Based on the client’s requirements, iLink identified Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) as the optimal cloud solution. In phase 1, iLink managed the migration of 20 applications, identified based on the criticality and executed to have the lowest impact on day to day operations. The migration was executed within the client’s expected timeline.

The Azure IaaS was implemented using following services:


Reduction in cost, improvement in performance and increase in business continuity for the client. 

The migration to cloud has led to 50% reduction in recurring infrastructure cost. This transformation has also significantly improved the application performance and provided them the agility to implement new technologies and scale quickly.

The cloud infrastructure protects the application data and retains it for years without any capital investment and with minimal operating costs. It can host virtual windows servers in addition to application workloads such as SQL Server and SharePoint

Azure Site Recovery provides high availability for servers and applications. It contributes to the business continuity and a disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy by orchestrating replication, failover, and recovery of on-premises virtual machines, and physical servers.

 What’s next: iLink continues to help the client with further migration, architecture and management of the IT infrastructure and application portfolio.

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