Corporate Social Responsibility

Time & knowledge are the most valuable things we can give, which is why we are passionate about the impact our work can have on our community and we will continue to empower others.  

OnePercent Program

iLink’s Dazeworks is part of the Salesforce-supported Pledge OnePercent Program where we commit to sharing 1% of equity, time, and services to support nonprofits. This program allows us to connect with local communities to support organizations like Child Care Centers, Care for the Elderly, Libraries, and Blood Donation Camps, Cancer Awareness sessions to improve healthcare conditions. With over 45 initiatives, we have been able to have a significant impact and will continue to identify areas we can grow with additional resources.   

Bridging Digital Divide to ensure Right to Education

iLink Digital donated old and refurbished laptops to Learning Adda, an NGO started by Blue Parijat Foundation. The aim was to help students in rural areas to have a medium to access online classes and ease the digital divide between rural and urban students.  

iLink realized the educational imbalance covid-19 created in villages due to the lack of digital infrastructure and decided to donate unused laptops. The Blue Parijat Foundation foundation acts as a center for experiential and fun-filled learning for primary-level children and works on their literacy and numeracy using teaching aids and worksheets.  

Dhara Nagari Training Institute (DNTI)

An iLink-founded Educational Institute, DNTI aims to provide hands-on technical knowledge that empowers today’s generation to emerge as socially conscious engineers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Our programs not only prepare students for profitable employment but also inculcate a deep sense of service toward society while maintaining a growth-oriented career.   

Opening doors to Data Science Careers

iLink Digital collaborated with Penn State Great Valley (PSGV) to support the academic ambitions of the students and encourage them to pursue careers in data technology. The main idea is to promote new and ongoing avenues of research into data collection and utilization using the university’s Big Data lab.  

Our experts engage with students to work on Capstone projects, Software Development for Python Libraries, and Big Data lab with our private 5G MEC Secure Edge solutions. We believe this collaboration will not only meet the growing demands for data analytics professionals but also promote the economic strength of the Greater Philadelphia region.  

Hands-on technical experience for young learners

iLink Digital is helping the Graduate and Undergraduate students of the University of Texas, Dallas (UTD) to gain hands-on technical experience by working with them on a major project called MIDAS. It is an edge-first computer vision platform and involves work on technologies like IoT, 5G, and Multi-Edge Computing (MEC). Our experts are helping them learn different concepts of projects like technology strategy, product ideation, customer experience, technology development, and deployment. Upon completing their association students will be equipped with the knowledge and understanding to tackle the most pressing challenges that the industry faces today.   

Addressing business needs and environmental challenges at the same time

iLink Digital is creating India’s first Software Forest Campus in Trichy to break away from rigid corporate structures and work in oneness with nature. The campus is conceptualized around a forest, which coexists with birds, animals, water bodies, and natural ventilation. The buildings will be designed with passive cooling concepts, built with sustainable materials, minimum carbon footprint, and lifecycle costs. Our new collaborative way of working is a bold step towards conversing natural resources, enabling sustainability, and protecting our mother earth. 

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