Social Responsibility

Time & knowledge are the most valuable things we can give, which is why we are passionate about the impact our work can have on our community and continuing to empower others. 

How We’re Getting Involved

OnePercent Program

iLink’s Dazeworks is part of the Salesforce supported Pledge OnePercent Program where we commit to sharing 1% of equity, time and services to support nonprofits. This program allows us to connect with local communities to support organizations like Child Care Centers, Care for the Elderly, Libraries, and Blood Donation Camps, Cancer Awareness sessions to improve healthcare conditions. With over 45 initiatives, we have been able to have a significant impact and will continue to identify areas we can grow with additional resources.  

You can learn more about the program here: 

Social Responsibility
Dhara Nagari Training Institute (DNTI)
Social Responsibility

An iLink founded Educational Institute, DNTI aims to provide hands-on technical knowledge that empowers today’s generation to emerge as socially conscious engineers, leaders and entrepreneurs. Our programs not only prepares students for profitable employment but also inculcates a deep sense of service towards society while maintaining a growth-oriented career.  

You can learn more here: 

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