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CX/UX & Digital Strategy

According to Forrester, customers will pay 4.5 times more for a good customer experience. iLink’s extensive experience with various organizations of all sizes can help you with your effective digital strategy. Check out our blog to learn more about how UX affects CX.

As a Cloud Solution Provider, we provide businesses with cloud-based infrastructure, networks, and software applications. iLink is a top partner to leading cloud providers, such as Microsoft, AWS and Google, and we are recognized for our extensive certifications, awards, and stellar client engagements. We combine industry-leading cloud solutions with a high-touch, business-first approach to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. See More…

Our Product Engineering Services help you to build agile, scalable, and high-performance products. We help with design, development, modernization, & maintenance using leading-edge technologies. Our holistic approach to product engineering with a highly collaborative method enables us to reduce risks, offer cost-effective solutions that meet customers’ time-to-market needs, and ensure enhanced ROI for you. See More…


DevSecOps brings a security-first mindset to your digital transformation journey. We help you choose the right technology depending on your organizational complexities, priorities, and automation maturity. In addition, our consultative approach and extensive experience can help you make your DevSecOps implementation seamless for your business. 

Enterprise Integration

Our Enterprise Integration services offer hybrid cloud-based, enterprise-class integration services by seamlessly enabling businesses to connect applications & data between heterogeneous systems in real-time. We specialize in strategic consulting, architecture analysis and design, implementation, and testing using modern architecture principles to drive time-to-market and vigorously improve operational efficiency. 

Our App, UI, Architecture & Platform Modernization Services will help you make your products up to date, fault-tolerant, scalable, secure, and future-safe. First, we perform discovery & assessment of the current platform of the product and present its future state that will deliver maximum value to the business. And then, we undertake the arduous task of re-engineering the product & platform and deliver the upgraded, documented, and re-engineered systems within set deadlines & with minimal risk to the client. See More…

Low code development is the means for companies to create and deliver business applications quickly, efficiently, and with minimal manual programming. As per Gartner, this trend has been predicted to reach 65% of all software development activity by 2024. To align with this enormous surge, we have armed ourselves with the latest & greatest tools to implement low-code engineering platforms and, in the process, gained recognition from Microsoft for this endeavor. See More…

"85% of companies view application modernization as a means to move forward as a business." - IDG Communications

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Sree Balaji
Group Chief Executive Officer

Sree has over 19 years of experience in the high-tech industry. Sree has the overall responsibility of iLink’s growth strategy, vision, and performance, and leads daily business operations, directs the development and execution. Sree co-founded iLink Systems in 2002 when many of the companies were going bankrupt due to the Dotcom bubble.

Ratheesh Krishna Geeth
Ratheesh Krishna Geeth
CEO – Digital Experience Business Unit

Ratheesh is a passionate leader with a strong focus on business growth through technology innovation and customer success. In his earlier leadership roles, Ratheesh was instrumental in building, managing & growing iLink’s business for the East Region in the US.

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