Benefits of Manufacturing Services

Improve Operational Efficiency

Our industrial manufacturing services offer Streamlining frameworks reduces duplicate and manual work offering real solutions to manage the cost and the quality of field service team operations.

Streamline Ticketing

An increased IT footprint has resulted in a significant increase in the number of tickets/issues created per day. More than half of tickets are now created by automated processes and/or are repeat tickets, and by removing these duplicates, the potential cost savings can be upwards of millions of dollars per month.  

Integrate Divisions

iLink’s Azure Accelerate Framework is a streamlined set of processes, templates, and code to streamline the Azure and IoT workload. These solutions are designed to expertly fuse technology and innovation to deliver exquisite business solutions faster than ever before.

Get Real-Time Insights

iLink has come up with a Power BI Governance Framework that businesses can use to unlock the true power of data in a cost-effective and secure way. These solutions allow customers to upload data and get updated analytics and insights automatically. 


Transforming with Modern Tech Solutions


Industries we cater to


Our solutions help automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and dealers, run connected vehicle ecosystems with enhanced supply chain and after-market processes.

Industrial Manufacturing

We help manufacturers of heavy equipment, heating, ventilation, air conditioning & refrigeration (HVAC/R), and industrial supplies build more connected products while boosting their bottom line.

Process Manufacturing

We offer manufacturing services and solutions for clients within the chemical, building materials, pulp and paper, and mining sectors to streamline processes, gain operational visibility and increase their bottom line.

iLink’s Expertise in Manufacturing Services

iLink Digital, a leading digital transformation provider, helps organizations make strategic and data-driven investments to improve their supply chains. Explore our industrial manufacturing services to transform your supply chain into one that is more flexible, resilient, and transparent. 

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