A Strategic Partnership

iLink Digital & Inforiver

To enhance business productivity and performance for their customers, iLink Digital and Inforiver have joined forces to deliver a powerful and intuitive data-driven experience within Power BI. This strategic partnership brings together the expertise of both companies, promising a faster time to insights through a no-code approach, revolutionizing how organizations leverage business intelligence solutions.

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About Inforiver

Inforiver, powered by Lumel Technologies (formerly Visual BI) is a renowned leader committed to enhancing business productivity and performance. With a decade of experience in BI platform add-ons, including SAP BI and Power BI, Inforiver offers cutting-edge products like ValQ, xViz, empowering enterprises to unlock their data’s true potential and make informed, data-driven decisions.

What does this Partnership bring to our Customers?

Faster Time to Insights

Inforiver’s intuitive no-code experience within Power BI streamlines the data analysis process, enabling organizations to make quick and informed decisions.

Enhanced Business Productivity

By integrating Inforiver’s suite of innovative products, including ValQ, xViz, iLink Digital empowers customers with advanced data visualization, planning and collaboration capabilities.

Seamless Integration

iLink Digital’s expertise in digital transformation and technology consulting complements Inforiver’s BI solutions, ensuring seamless integration for customers to leverage their existing data infrastructure and extract maximum value.

No-Code Approach

Through Inforiver’s product suite, business users and analysts with limited technical expertise can democratize data insights, easily creating and sharing interactive reports and dashboards.

Personalized Solutions

Leveraging Lumel Technologies’ (formerly Visual BI) decade-long experience in add-on solutions, the partnership promises tailored applications catering to specific industry needs, encompassing financial planning, supply chain optimization, sales forecasting and more.

Ongoing Support and Innovation

The collaboration between iLink Digital and Inforiver demonstrates a long-term commitment to their customers, ensuring continuous support, updates and innovation, keeping customers ahead in the rapidly evolving world of business intelligence.

Unlock the true potential of your data with iLink Digital & Inforiver

iLink Digital is proud to be a two-time winner of the Microsoft US Power BI Partner of the Year Award. Through the integration of our expertise with Inforiver's intuitive no-code experience and innovative product suite, we empower our customers to achieve faster time to insights and enhanced business productivity. This strategic collaboration marks a new era in data-driven decision-making, enabling organizations to harness the full power of their data and thrive in a highly competitive business landscape.

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