Power BI Governance Framework

What is Power BI Governance Framework?

iLink’s Power BI Governance Framework is a modern web-based solution built and deployed on Azure services.

This solution enables customers to streamline the development, validation and publishing processes of Power BI reports.

Market Segments & Industries

iLink’s Power BI GF helps ISVs and Enterprise Organizations control and manage their Power BI workspace, dataset, and reports effectively.

Value Proposition

  • Our Power BI Governance Framework is targeted for Power BI administrators and developers to overcome challenges of identifying and defining processes to build, validate, and publish reports.
  • The framework also allows administrators to interact with end-users to get their feedback on reports.
  • Creates a one-stop solution for workspaces, datasets and reports.
  • Streamlines the process of development, testing and validation for Power BI reports.
  • Easily integrates reports into business applications and categories based on departments.

Framework Features

  • Solution Accelerator/Framework for Power BI Embedded
  • Reduces time to market significantly
  • Targeted at ISV’s and large enterprises that need an embedded analytics solution
  • End-to-end workflow for Power BI report development
  • Modern Web Application to show reports
  • Multitenant solution with RLS support
  • Advanced categorization of reports
  • Multiple personas including end-user, power-user and admin

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