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Confluent, started in Silicon Valley,  designed a cloud-native platform to unleash real-time data. This platform acts as a central nervous system for companies, allowing them to seamlessly connect their entire ecosystem with real-time data streams and react and respond intelligently to everything that happens in their business.

iLink Digital x Confluent: A Powerful Partnership

iLink digital has partnered with Confluent to deliver data engineering, collaborative data science, full-lifecycle machine learning, and business analytics solutions for our clients. We identify the key challenges and problems our clients encounter during data processing and offer them the best-in-class industry solution using Confluent. 

Services We Offer Together

Our Joint Benefits

iLink is proud to be a part of Confluent’s Migration Accelerator, which is designed to streamline the transition from open-source Kafka deployments to Confluent. Together, iLink and Confluent aim to alleviate the challenges and complexities associated with migration, enabling your organization to undertake your data streaming journey with confidence.

We’ve created a special offering to help you jumpstart your migration

Migration offering details:

We have meticulously designed our cluster migration solution to ensure a smooth and efficient transition from open-source Kafka to confluent leveraging our deep understanding of both platforms and our solution OSK to CP/CP Migrator –


Key Features

Intuitive, User-friendly User Interface

Thorough Assessment & assessment report of OSK Cluster

Automated generation & deployment of configuration scripts

Establish data sync between OSK and CC

Validation of CC environment

Supports both Full and Incremental / project specific migration strategy

Key Benefits of OSK to CC/CP Migrator:

  • Automation First Approach: The solution helps to get away from manual tedious, repeatable & time-consuming tasks to an automated process for migrating the component configurations & data from OSK to CC.
  • Migrate with confidence: The solution will automate the migration of configurations and data sync. The validation scripts ensure the platform is migrated successfully & further builds confidence.
  • Saves money & time: The solution helps the producers & consumers to focus on high value projects instead of spending valuable time and resources on migrating their components & data.

Are you looking to migrate from OSK to CC / CP? If so, please reach out to us to have a smooth and efficient transition experience using our OSK to CC / CP migrator.  

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