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Develop and deploy scalable, secure, and efficient solutions for digital transformation using Confluent technology and solutions

Introduction to Confluent

Confluent has designed the foundational platform for data-in-motion. With Confluent, organizations can harness the full power of continuously flowing data to innovate and win in the modern digital world.

Confluent’s cloud-native platform is designed to unleash real-time data. It acts as a central nervous system in companies, letting them connect all their applications around real-time streams and react and respond intelligently to everything that happens in their business.

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Introduction to iLink partnership with Confluent

iLink Digital and Confluent have established a strategic partnership to collaborate on delivering innovative solutions and services to customers across various industries in Data in Motion. This partnership brings together iLink Digital’s expertise in technology consulting, software development, and digital transformation with Confluent’s cutting-edge technology stack and comprehensive cloud solution. As a Premium Partner, iLink Digital has demonstrated a high level of competency and proficiency in working with Confluent technology and solutions. They have a deep understanding of Confluent’s Cloud platform, including Gen AI support and relevant use cases.

Services Offered

Through this partnership, iLink Digital can help you:

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Tailored cluster migration solution – for seamless transition from Open-source Kafka to Confluent

Confluent + Fabric for seamless transition

We have meticulously designed our cluster migration solution to ensure a smooth and efficient transition from open-source Kafka to confluent leveraging our deep understanding of both platforms and our solution – OSK to CC / CP Migrator.
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Thorough assessment

Assessment and Planning phases are important and consume most of the efforts and time in cluster migration play. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your existing Kafka environment identifying key components and potential challenges in the migration process. Solution is automated tools which assesses existing cluster with all possible parameters and generates a report in no time, containing all required information for planning.


Automated migration of configurations of components

The solution spits out a Terraform script having configuration details of topics, consumer groups, connectors, ACL’s etc.. pulled from Open-Source Kafka. Thisprovides an opportunity for platform admins to review the scripts& do modifications as required prior to moving them to CI/CD pipeline for deployment of these configurations on Confluent Cloud.


Automated data sync setup

The solution provides Terraform-based configuration files to setup data sync between Open-Source Kafka to Confluent Cloud using Replicator to ensure application teams are all set to switch their connection to Confluent Cloud.


Customized migration strateg

Our experts design a migration plan outlining the step-by-step process to seamlessly move your data streams configurations and confluent applications based on the assessment report and different business factors.

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Operation Optimization and integration

Most of the operations and integrations are automated with the market standard tools and technologies. It reduces the manual effort, saves time, and decreases the chances of error. It can be the creation of a topic, setting up connector or managing user / services accounts, etc. is simply automated.

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Post migration support

Our commitment extends beyond migration. We offer ongoing support and assistance to ensure smooth transition and maximize the benefits of the conference platform.

Benefits of OSK to CC/CP Migrator

Migration Strategy – This solution is applicable for both Full Migration Strategy as well as Incremental Migration Strategy.

Automation first approach

  • the solution helps to reduce the manual errors, overhead of tedious tasks like script execution
  • Reduces overhead for producers and consumer team by automatically migrating the configurations and their assets. This helps producers and consumers to focus on their regular application / business work & without worrying about the migration of their assets manually and meeting the enterprise compliance and schedule requirements.
  • Automatically setup replicator for data sync between OSK to CC / CP ensuring producers and consumers be all set to change their connections for applications from OSK to CC. This also gives an opportunity for platform teams to force application teams to migrate.
  • Overall Cost Savings – The solution helps migrate the applications quickly, which otherwise can take multiple weeks / months for a large enterprise, which will save costs
Differentiators/ Benefits

Why choose us?

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Thought Leadership

In this blog, we aim to shed light on the profound impact of our collaboration with Confluent and how it addresses the unique challenges faced by the airline industry.

More Success Stories

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Automating Patch Management for Food Supplier Business

iLink Digital implemented a custom script to identify and automate patching for 380+ devices within the last 30 days, freeing up 130 hours of human effort per month.

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Streamlining User and Device Management for a leading Bank

Managed 300+ mailboxes and 280+ O365 user accounts, ensuring data hygiene and compliance while saving 100 hours of human effort monthly.

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Automated Maintenance for a Streamlined Supply Chain

Ensured data integrity and compliance across 30+ sites and 78+ Team channels, enhancing data accuracy, security, and compliance while freeing up valuable IT resources.

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Revolutionizing Security and Efficiency in Manufacturing

Improved security, user experience, efficiency, and compliance by consolidating user identities for 1,085 and 1,000 users in their O365 environments.

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