Today’s demands for automation and flexibility require high-performance wireless communication between machines, people, and even the walls and floors of the facilities themselves. Until recently, achieving the required level of connectivity was not possible. The number of devices that need to be connected, the amount of data that needs to be transferred, the reliability, latency, and the security requirements – all of these could not be achieved with previous technologies. That is where 5G/LTE comes in.

The healthcare domain’s critical and time-sensitive nature makes it more essential to have continuous access to near real-time data to support and derive full use of the advanced technologies today. The applications of 5G/LTE in healthcare paint a promising picture of better and effective communications, efficient and quick transmission of large amounts of data for early diagnosis of life-threatening diseases, coupled with low latency and high computing power to enhance and accelerate the growth of diagnosis and therapy exponentially. Such applications of 5G/LTE technology would also be of great assistance when dealing with the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 on healthcare systems worldwide.

Smart farming and precision agriculture incorporate technology to make farm to market more efficient and productive. Smart agriculture — known as ag-tech — uses IoT sensors to connect everything from irrigation systems to soil and animal production. As 5G/LTE rolls out worldwide, this high-bandwidth cellular technology is poised to make an impact on agricultural technology.

5G/LTE is seen by many in the manufacturing industry as a necessary driver for Industry 4.0 and the automation of manufacturing processes by connecting machines and devices on the factory floor without needing specialized wireless equipment while providing reliability and security levels needed for such mission-critical applications.

Private 5G/LTE Networks

Private cellular networks are well known as Enterprise network, and it addresses Wi-Fi shortfalls. Enterprise network leveraging the benefits of 5G/LTE, provides greater performance, control, reliability, and density while maintaining flexibility.

iSEN - iLink Secure Edge Network

Traditionally, procuring and deploying private cellular networks has been complex, confusing, and expensive. iSEN from iLink (Powered by Beez) Private 5G/LTE networks simplifies the procurement, deployment, and installation process by allowing customers to deploy their own LTE or 5G/LTE  network within days instead of months, rapidly scale up and down the number of connected devices and benefit from on-demand pricing. iSEN Offerings

Benefits of iSEN

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iSEN private network is a managed service that allows customers to order, deploy, and  manage their private cellular network with API calls.

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Delivers, provisions, and maintains all the pre integrated hardware services, 5G/LTE Core services and SIM cards needed to deploy and operate a private network. RAN and 5G/LTE Core (5GC) software runs either in an iLink premises or on premises using iLink managed infrastructure.

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Pay-as-you-go approach to pricing, providing enterprises with a transparent, easy-to- understand pricing model. Predictable monthly spend. With Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) model, zero upfront charges for radio units, and SIMs. Customers don’t pay installation charges or additional software licensing fees.

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Order and provision a private cellular network of any size via self-service and application programming interfaces (API). Avoid radio frequency (RF) and capacity planning until after connecting enterprise applications and validating business objectives. Expand coverage, and scale number of connected devices as needed.

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Built-in iSEN close garden integration to manage access between iSEN services and devices in the network. iSEN Private network -powered SIM cards are treated as IAM resources, allowing enterprise IT admins to set and manage SIM control policies from a single, familiar, interface.

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Metrics published to close garden for network health visibility. Query metrics for network status, connected APs or SIMs, uplink and downlink usage by user, device, network categories.

iSEN Models

Model – 1: Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) mode of Private Mobile Network where CSP RAN will be shared

Model – 2: On Premise mode of Individual Enterprise Network. Enterprise will have own RAN and Core

Model – 3: Integral CSP mode for providing Enterprise Network by CSPs.

Model – 4: Slim Client mode to secure Android, iOS, MAC, Linux, IoT devices over WLAN or LAN network.

Model – 5: Remote Closed Garden mode to add extra security and flexibility

iSEN Architectural Diagram

[iSEN Architectural Diagram]

iSEN Private 5G/LTE is the most convenient way to bring up enterprise private cellular networks, with options to customize and scale as needed

iSEN Slim Client Model

[iSEN Slim Client Model]


(* Beezz Client base)

Closed Garden Environment

Security Dashboard-
Quickly get a view of network events happening on your network.

View network events in real-time as they happen.

Digital Fence-
Control device access based on geographic location.

BMI Dashboard-
The BMI provides the operator subscriber query interface for managing the subscriber’s policy and activation.

Closed Garden Environment
NetCrunch / Zabbix / ZenOSS NMS for resource Management
The basic Node Reports Include:

Key Features of iSEN

Data never leaves your network
Network Segmentation
Threat Protection
Threat Protection


Digital fence
Digital fence

[Secure Closed Garden Features]

Use Cases

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Improved coverage and reliability close to wired networks with flexibility as Wi-Fi. Connect autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), automated guided vehicles (AGVs), video surveillance systems, and other production systems for increased safety, innovation, and efficiency.

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The healthcare industry is heavily regulated in terms of how it can collect and share data. Wireless heart monitors must demonstrate a chain of trust in communications that ensures data cannot be manipulated in transit. A private LTE/5G service combined with technology such as virtual probe can provide a detailed record of every IP flow and satisfy the need for compliance reporting and auditing.

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Sporting events are often cited as an ideal use case for 5G/LTE technology, but private LTE/5G services can deliver the same cost-efficient connectivity for dynamic events that require short periods of large wireless capacity. Much like in-store experiences, in-stadium experiences can include augmented reality, secure mobile payments, and enhanced wireless connectivity within the stadium structure.

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Most enterprises use Wi-Fi for in-building wireless communications. But Wi-Fi has limitations in coverage, bandwidth, and security that LTE/5G does not. Enterprises could use a P-LTE/5G network in their building to provide secure, wireless access to business applications. They can even add an extra layer of security to them communications by using a captive portal within the private LTE/5G network to serve as an authentication proxy, thus, blocking unauthorized users from accessing those applications.

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Large public venues often need strong coverage both inside their facility and outdoors to support the connectivity needs of their employees, IoT devices and hundreds to thousands of visitors – private LTE and 5G/LTE networks can securely deliver it.

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Universities, hospitals, military bases, hotels, offices, apartment buildings and other campuses, venues, and facilities where many people or IoT devices need fast, reliable, and secure Internet connectivity can benefit from a private LTE or private 5G/LTE network.

Field Trail & Productization

iLink is committed to bring E2E service for CSPs and Enterprises. We are working with leading CSPs and OEMs to productize the value streams with innovative ideas and applications. 

The focus of the PoC architecture provided above is to define the essential technologies needed to develop the 5G/LTE private network along with MEC. Our applications based on Computer Vision Technology & IoT Solution get integrated with device till Network and solves immersive industrial needs. Integration of Network along with applications and devices solves numerous business & technology verticals like Industry 4.0, Supply chain 4.0, Smart Agriculture and Smart Farming.

We at iLink own the complete responsibility to provide services on Project management, System Integration, Vendor evaluation and Consultation, Application development and many more. We are engaged with Telecom OEM and CSPs from PoC rollout till productization which in return open tremendous business opportunities. 

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