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With over two decades of experience in the healthcare and life sciences industry, iLink Digital has successfully delivered 100+ projects across the entire healthcare spectrum. Our solutions have consistently improved patient outcomes, provided better operational efficiencies, reduced the cost of care and accelerated clinical research. 

We offer technology consulting, product engineering and advanced Data & AI services to clients in the payor, provider, pharma and med device sectors. We have helped organizations build world class IT systems and software that help them to better serve patients and their members. Talk to us to know more about our services and how we can help you!

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Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Offerings



Our portfolio of provider offerings spans the entire care continuum, ensuring effective patient engagement, efficient case management, precise diagnostics and treatment, and optimized billing and operations.

digital experience services


We partner with payors in their digital transformation journey, supporting the entire payor value chain with solutions for member engagement, provider management, plan administration, and claims management.



We partner with pharma, biotech, and CROs to boost efficiency in clinical and commercial operations. Our services include advanced analytics, compliance tools, marketing support, and streamlined regulatory workflows.


Med Device

At iLink Digital, we specialize in modernizing med tech with connected care solutions & intelligent device monitoring. Our services include device health monitoring, cloud connectivity, IoMT data analysis.

Technology Solutions


Product Engineering

Develop low-code/no-code high-performance applications tailored for clinical, operational, and commercial workflows.

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App Modernization

Implement composable microservices-based architecture ensuring HIPAA-compliant data pipelines and healthcare API services.

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Data and Analytics

Integrate data from EHRs, portals, wearables, and more. Develop semantic models and create tailored dashboards and reports.

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Gen AI Solutions

Deploy LLM and NLP-based solutions to enhance member experience, optimize call center operations, and boost provider productivity.


Intelligent Automation

Automate low-skilled manual activities to improve operational efficiencies and enhance patient experience.


Security & Infrastructure

Secure on-premises, cloud, and endpoint infrastructures to safeguard healthcare data and operations.

Our Strong Partner Ecosystem

Our Gen AI Offerings

iLink Digital has built 25+ GenAI demos using Open AI. Here’s what we have built for Healthcare & Life Sciences.  


Pharm Assist

Enables healthcare professionals to efficiently extract pertinent information from drug manuals through a Q&A interface powered by LLMs.



Veterinary doctors can extract critical information about pets, improving diagnostic accuracy and making consultations smoother and more pet-friendly.



Use Generative AI to build patient cohorts based on various criteria, helping with clinical research and personalized medicine.

Our Work Across the Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry

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$4 Million Annual Savings Through Proactive Device Monitoring

iLink Digital helped a device manufacturer save over $4 million annually by implementing proactive monitoring and root cause analysis through a data analytics solution adopted by 900+ engineers and 2000+ customers.
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Unified Reporting Transformation at a Leading Pharma Company

iLink Digital unified a pharma company's fragmented reporting systems, improving data clarity and enabling informed decision-making across operations for better patient engagement.

Transforming Health Insurance Data Infrastructure with Cloud Migration

iLink Digital facilitated a seamless transition to cloud infrastructure for a health insurance company, resulting in improved data processing capabilities and ongoing collaboration for full-scale deployment.

AI Revolutionizes Animal Care Clinic Workflow

iLink Digital revolutionized clinician workflow at a leading animal health service provider with AI tools for streamlined prescription processes and note-taking, saving time and enhancing efficiency.


Top Six Healthcare Technology Trends for 2024

The healthcare and life sciences industry is entering a new era driven by AI, presenting opportunities for professionals to overcome challenges and improve care. Explore six key technology trends and their impact on the field.

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