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Advanced Data Science and AI Consulting Services

Drive profitability, minimize costs, and amplify revenue with the power of intelligence. iLink’s Data Science and AI solutions help you accelerate AI-driven innovation with flexible deployment, trusted AI, and prescriptive analytics to accelerate your business performance and improve decision-making.


AI Strategy

Empower your organization to make faster, more informed decisions at scale with our AI capabilities. Our expert team delivers impactful business outcomes by responsibly harnessing the power of data and AI. We work closely with you to ensure your AI transformation aligns with your business goals and strategy, helping you invest in the systems that generate the highest value.


Machine Learning

iLink offers advanced Machine Learning services using technologies such as AR & VR. Our solutions automate processes, detect patterns in data, and make predictions to optimize operations and improve the bottom line. We provide highly customized ML models that enable fast decision-making, increase productivity, and enable anomaly detection. Additionally, our cloud-based platform offers pre-built tools and models for businesses to integrate into their operations to drive growth and innovation through AI-powered applications.

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Computer Vision

Automate image and video analysis for your monitoring and reporting applications. Our integrated Computer Vision services boost content discoverability, accurately identify places, people, & objects, and categorize them to extract valuable insights and analytics. To cater unique demands of diverse industries, iLink has designed an Azure private MEC-compatible vision platform,, providing real-time decision-making capabilities that drive revenue growth, operational efficiency, and process insights.


OpenAI & Generative Models

Tap into the power of advanced AI with OpenAI and generative models. iLink provides state-of-the-art language models, enabling organizations to enhance natural language processing. From developing intelligent chatbots that ensure human-like interaction to extracting valuable information and automating document summarization, our comprehensive solutions empower businesses to enhance customer satisfaction, gain insights from data, and streamline information management processes.


Anomaly Detection

Mitigate risks, reduce downtime, and optimize performance by identifying unusual patterns or events in your data right away. We help organizations to easily embed anomaly detection capabilities into applications to identify issues, take proactive steps and prevent them even before they occur. Our solution is highly customizable and can be integrated into existing systems and workflows, providing actionable insights and helping organizations improve their operations and decision-making.


Recommender Systems

 Earn customer trust and loyalty by providing personalized recommendations based on their past behavior and preferences. Our experts use machine learning algorithms to analyze customer data, generating insights that enable businesses to create customized offers, improve customer engagement, and drive revenue growth. With our RaaS solution, businesses optimize customer experiences, increase conversion rates, and make data-driven decisions that deliver real value. We can help you to unlock the potential of Data science and AI solutions to drive substantial business value.

Our Clients Span a Wide Range of Industries

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for businesses. Each industry has its own distinct requirements and demands tailored solutions. This is why our skillsets range across a broad spectrum allowing us to engage meaningfully at every step.

AI and Data Science

Retail & CPG

Understand customer preferences, predict demands, and streamline supply chain management with powerful Data science and AI solutions. Leveraging data-driven insights is a key differentiator for businesses looking to stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

AI and Data Science

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our advanced services, such as predictive modeling, image analysis, and deep learning, are designed to benefit both payers and providers. By leveraging the power of data, we aim to improve patient outcomes, accelerate drug development, optimize diagnosis accuracy, and enhance operational efficiency for healthcare organizations.

Data Science solution

Financial Services & Insurance

Revamp your business models and operations to effectively cater to the requirements of the digital economy and modern-day customers. We enable organizations to optimize customer value, analyze product offerings and pricing elasticity, and prevent fraudulent activities. We also offer propensity modeling, and scenario planning to mitigate potential losses and elevate the overall customer experience with unprecedented speed and scalability.

Data Science solution

Technology & Telecom

From predicting customer behavior and optimizing sales channels to enhancing product development and improving operational efficiency, our cutting-edge services provide a 360-degree view of your business, enabling you to make better decisions, faster.


Achieve greater access and control with iLink’s intelligent and connected ecosystem. We help you optimize every aspect of your operations, from machines and processes to products and factories with our innovative solutions, so you can shift from reactive to proactive management, driving greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Turn Data into Dialogue, Conversations into Conversions & Artificial Intelligence into Business Innovation.

Harnessing the power of  Open AI and Generative AI, we bring you an unparalleled experience in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our platform offers a wide range of services that leverage the capabilities of advanced language models to cater to your specific needs. Experience the limitless possibilities of Data science and AI solution to achieve your business goals efficiently and intelligently.

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Most frequent questions and answers
  1. What is Data Science?

    Data science is an interdisciplinary field that involves extracting insights and knowledge from data through statistical, mathematical, and computational techniques.   

  2. How is data science related to AI?

    Data science is related to AI as it involves utilizing data analysis and machine learning techniques to extract insights and build predictive models, which are fundamental components of artificial intelligence systems.   

  3. Differentiate between Data Analytics and Data Science

    Data analytics focuses on extracting insights and patterns from existing data, while data science involves a broader process of collecting, analyzing, and deriving insights from data to inform decision-making and predictive modeling.   

  4. What is Data Science and Artificial Intelligence?

    Data science involves extracting insights and knowledge from data, while artificial intelligence focuses on creating systems that can perform tasks requiring human-like intelligence. Together they work and ensure visionary excellence to businesses.    

  5. What is Machine Learning in Data Science?

    Machine learning in data science refers to the use of algorithms that allow computers to learn from and make predictions or decisions based on data patterns. 

  6. How is data science used in different industries?

    Data science has applications in various industries, including healthcare (patient diagnosis), finance (risk assessment), marketing (customer segmentation), and manufacturing (quality control), among others, to optimize processes and gain insights. Request a demo at iLink’s service page to know more!    


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