Creating a Centralized Information Hub: iLink Digital's Solution for a Leading Electronic Manufacturing Company


Our client, a leading electronic manufacturing company, faced the challenge of effectively engaging with its 5000+ employees spread across North America. The company wanted to bridge the gap between leadership and employees by creating an inclusive and secure online platform. Their main objectives were –

  • Enhance visibility to leadership,
  • Foster a culture of transparency and trust
  • Quickly disseminate important information
  • Enable learning and development

The company sought iLink Digital’s expertise to set the foundation for a centralized information hub that would impact the company’s employees across the globe every day.


To kick off the engagement, iLink conducted a week-long design thinking workshop to understand user personas and identify pain points and motivations. Our UX experts worked closely with different stakeholders to design prototypes and iterated on user feedback to deliver the best possible user experience.

Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint online, we created an all-inclusive integration with the various tools provided by Office 365 and other applications that the users required for their day-to-day work.


Today, the platform is used by the client’s user base in North America as well as some users across the globe, to get important updates from the CEO, department updates, facility-related information, and employee resources.

The new intranet features powerful new functionalities such as a content editor, template customizations, Teams dashboards, VPN notifications, hybrid search for on-premise SharePoint, integration with custom apps, analytics setup, and many more.

The integration with the careers pages provides employees with better visibility to growth opportunities. Also, as many employees travel frequently, our team made the intranet platform available on mobile devices (Android/iOS).

This new intranet is making a huge impact by providing employees access to important information at their fingertips with easy access and retrieval. iLink Digital’s solution has successfully created a centralized information hub that has transformed the way our client communicates and engages with its employees across the globe.

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