Automating Project Management and Collaboration for a Leading Electronic Manufacturing Company


Our client, a leading electronic manufacturing company, faced significant challenges in effectively managing and collaborating on long-term projects. With a large number of stakeholders involved and the generation of a huge volume of documents over the life of the project, it was difficult to ensure that all stakeholders had access to the latest version of documents and could collaborate efficiently. Additionally, tracking and assigning tasks across functional units and geographies was a manual and cumbersome process.


iLink Digital’s strategy team conducted a weeklong workshop to understand the process, challenges, and goals of the client and identified areas of improvement. We architected four possible solution approaches to address the key objectives of convenience, transparency, scalability, and efficiency. The solutions were a combination of technology built on Microsoft and non-Microsoft stack.

The client was impressed with three out of the four identified solutions. Additionally, to provide the client with a better understanding of the possible business outcomes, we mapped out the potential net present value (NPV) and payback period for their investments in each of the four solutions.


iLink’s recommended solution has made a significant impact on the client’s project management and collaboration process. The new system provides convenience, transparency, and efficiency to stakeholders, making it easier for managers and leadership to track progress and mitigate risk.

The solution includes the automation of tasks and tracking, making it a much simpler and faster process. The client has reported significant improvements in collaboration across geographies, with better visibility and access to the latest version of documents. The system has also enabled better reporting and monitoring of the project’s progress. With iLink’s support, the client has successfully transformed their project management process and set a new standard for collaboration across the organization.

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