Our IT Audit Services Approach

Audit as a Service

The goal of technical discovery is to ensure that your team clearly understands the current state of technology in your enterprise and any new technology that can help you build solutions. 

Our expert team facilitates discussions to identify a long-term vision and define tasks to be integrated to achieve your goals.

We include all respective internal stakeholders including business and technical roles to ensure your future business strategy. 

Our IT Audit Services Offerings

Application Discovery

Services Offered


IT Infrastructure and Cluod Discovery

Services Offered


Process and Quality Discovery

Services Offered

Analyse following as-is processes

Service Design
Service Operation
Service Transition


HR Processes & Quality Discovery

Services Offered


Compliance Discovery

Services Offered



Benifit of Audit

Reduce Redunancy

Identify unused, redundant, and deprecated tools within the existing collection of tools

Aid in Compliance Certification

HIPAA,  ISO,  Security and vulnerabilities are identified and helps assess further course of action

Task Outsourcing

Identify the benefits of outsourcing to reduce cost to maintain the existing infrastructure

Resource Optimization

Determine resource bandwidth and identify areas where resources are available for reallocation.

Potential Issue Identification

Predict and prevent business-critical issues before they happen.

What ROI can you expect?

Dependency Mapping

Highlight the interdependent resources, applications, infrastructure.

TCO modelling

Create a comparison of exiting and future state TCO for validating the expenses in accordance with the long-term plan.

Decision framework

Wiser use of resources, reduce undesirable outcomes, and  greater ability to achieve business objectives. 

Workload assessment

Analyze resource utilization, their mapping and dependencies. 

Services engagements

Revisit and re-negotiate service engagements with vendors and third part service providers to receive better value for money.

Future Roadmap

Wiser use of resources, reduce undesirable outcomes, and  greater ability to hit business objectives. 

Hardware and license optimization

Identify EOL hardwares, licenses, review contracts and verify if a migration would suit the company’s vision

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