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iLink's Value Proposition

Purpose-Built Platform

Specific functionality designed for industrial IoT, including the connectivity, scalability, and security to grow with your business.

Rapid Development, Deployment, and Extensibility

Integrated platform features enable seamless development for quick and easy delivery of apps and AR experiences.

Ultimate Flexibility

Deployment options in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environments – including optimizations for Microsoft Azure.

Engage and Experience

Build user interfaces with drag-and-drop tools and deploy them in web and mobile applications and AR experiences.

Vibrant Ecosystem

Compatible with a wide range of products and services that simplify, accelerate and enhance manufacturers’ processes and strategies.

Benefits of Industrial IoT

Benefits of Industrial IoT

Source: Morgan Stanley – Automation World. Industrial Automation Survey

We Empower Industrial Businesses with ThingWorx to:

Our ThingWorx IIoT Offerings for Smart Manufacturing

ThingWorx IIoT Offerings for Smart Manufacturing
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