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Designated Microsoft Solutions Partner

iLink is a recognized Microsoft Alliance Partner affiliated with the Microsoft Partner Network. Our strong strategic alignment with Microsoft’s commitment to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more enables us to accelerate Digital Transformation for our customers.

iLink has achieved designated Microsoft Solutions Partner status in Data & AI, Digital & App Innovation, Infrastructure & Modern Work.

We work with you to support and empower your business to grow YOUR digital capabilities to unlock business opportunities leveraging some of the greatest and latest technologies by Microsoft.

Microsoft Solutions Partner Data & AI iLink Digital
Microsoft Solutions Partner Infrastructure iLink Digital
Microsoft Solutions Partner Digital & App Innovation iLink Digital

Microsoft Specializations

Microsoft Specializations demonstrate a partner’s technical expertise and showcase experience and success in implementing Microsoft technologies. 

iLink has achieved multiple Specializations in the areas of Data & AI, and Security. These Specializations continue to validate iLink’s capabilities in enabling customer adoption of Microsoft technologies. 

iLink Digital is now a Microsoft Fabric Partner!

Empowering Data-Driven Business with Microsoft Fabric

Building on our consecutive US Power BI Partner of the Year awards (2021 & 2022), iLink Digital is now equipped with a team of skilled data experts trained to harness the full potential of Microsoft Fabric’s integrated capabilities, empowering your teams to achieve your business objectives seamlessly.

Our Credentials

We have more than 10 years experience with a managed partnership driving cloud transformation with joint enterprise/SMC customers worldwide. 

MSFT Awards iLink
MSUS Partner Award
Microsoft US Partner Award Power BI 2022 iLink Digital

iLink Differentiators & Achievements

Strategic Alignment with Microsoft 
  • Strategically aligned with OCP (One Commercial Partner Model) @ Microsoft
  • An extended arm for Microsoft Sellers Practice (TSPs, AEs, PSS, ATS, SSPs, CSAs)  for their go-to market strategy to drive adoption and consumption of Azure, M365 and Teams. 
  • Delivered 100+ events in partnership with Microsoft like DIADS, DT, Hackathons to attract leads and drive conversions. Implemented Data & Analytics for 100 + clients. 
  • Fabric Private Preview Partner
How We Work
  • Over 40 Azure Customers Across the Globe
  • Driving over $1M in Azure consumption every year
  • Microsoft Digital Partner Record (DPOR) for over 20 customers
  • Over 10 CSP Azure Customers
  • Over 5 Azure Based Frameworks

Microsoft Technology Expertise

We are focused on driving ACR increase for existing enterprise, SMC customers and enabling Azure for presale opportunities

We drive usage and adoption of Microsoft M365, Teams and Dynamics 365.

How We Leverage Microsoft Technologies

  1. Microsoft Fabric
  2. Power BI To Drive Azure

    iLink is a Microsoft preferred partner for delivery Power BI projects for Enterprise and SMC customers.

    We have:

    • Delivered 50+ Dashboard in A Day (DIAD) events in the United States over the past 3 years in associated with Microsoft.
    • Participated in several showdowns for Power BI v/s Qlik v/s Tableau scenarios at customer locations and helped Microsoft win the account. 
    • iLink Power BI team of excellence comprises of 50+ Power BI Certified professionals worldwide​
    • Implemented Power BI for more than  60+ customers.
    • Featured Power BI win in Microsoft Business Summit
  3. SharePoint
    • Successfully delivered over 200 SharePoint based engagements (Migrations, Development, Set-up, Upgrade, Customization, Governance)
    • HUB Intranet – iLink’s SharePoint Online based Product
    • 10+ SharePoint based Frameworks
    • Audited and Certified by  Microsoft as “Services Ready” to deliver SharePoint based solutions
    • Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Core Solutions
    • Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Advanced Solutions
    • Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016
    • Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016
  4. O365 & Teams​
    • Successfully handled O365 migrations and set-up for over 50 customers
    • Influencing over 100K O365 Seats
    • Providing O365 licenses to over 75 customers through CSP with revenue of around $2M
    • Microsoft Digital Partner of the Record (DPOR) for over 20 customers
  5. Power Platform Capabilities
    • Canvas Apps​
    • Model Driven Apps 
    • Power Portal 
    • Power Automate
    • Dataverse
    • Power Virtual Agents
    • Prebuilt Connectors 

Power Platform Offerings


IP Co-sell Ready Partner

Co-sell deals close nearly three times faster, creates projects that are nearly six times larger, and drive six times more Azure consumption.

iLink has influenced $3 million+ in co-sell revenue for Microsoft.


MIDAS is an Azure private MEC-compatible vision platform that uses AI/ML to deliver real-time analytics.

Learn More 


VDR provides a unified view of digital assets and detects & responds to vulnerabilities.

Learn More

Indoor Asset Tracking

Indoor Asset Tracking uses IoT Technology to track products, people, or things throughout a network. 

Learn More 

Kiwi Smart Assistant

This Smart Assistant uses domain-specific vocabulary to engage in intelligent conversation to get answers quickly and easily.

Learn More

Smart Works Analytics

iLink’s Smart Works tool offers insights into employee productivity for companies leveraging a remote workforce.

Learn More


Power BI HUB Framework

Our Power BI Hub Framework is a modern web-based solution enabling development of Power BI reports.

Learn More

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