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Microsoft Power Apps is a suite of apps, connectors, services, and data platforms that allows you to be more productive with your data. It provides you the ability to rapidly build and deploy custom business applications without requiring any specialized technical knowledge.  

Being Microsoft Gold Level Partner, iLink provides guidance and expertise to companies that want to foster the art of using Microsoft PowerApps. Our global talent pool of PowerApps developers has deep experience in developing new low-code business apps that promote business process automation, workflow management, reporting and data management, etc.  

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Power Automate empowers everyone to build automated processes instead of following the traditional approach for individual applications or doing manual work. Using low code, drag and drop tools along with templates and connectors, it’s very easy to automate repetitive work. 

With Power Automate, users can connect to various applications using connectors and easily map out how applications interact with each other. 

Power Automate provides a vast number of connectors (almost 300+) including Facebook, Gmail, Adobe, Slack, Azure, and many more. Each of these connectors provides faster-automated solutions for everyday work activity for any business organization. 

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iLink is a Microsoft Partner of Choice and a trailblazer in digital transformation services. Here are the other added feathers in our portfolio.

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Link in collaboration with Microsoft has won several customers and accolades. What we’re most proud of is the success of our clients!  

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iLink Digital offers customized Microsoft PowerApps consulting services and development solutions, catering to your business needs. We work closely with our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business models and deploy solutions that streamline processes and increase business agility.

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