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Enhancing Data Storage and Business Intelligence with Power BI

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Enhancing Data Storage and Business Intelligence with Power BI

In healthcare industry, providing accurate and efficient treatment to patients is of utmost importance. However, doctors and clinicians often face challenges in prescribing the most appropriate medications and services for various patient concerns. This case study focuses on developing a Product Recommender application to address these challenges and enhance the prescription practices of doctors, ultimately improving patient care and increasing revenue for the organization.

The success of many organizations today relies heavily on the uptime of their critical applications. However, maintaining optimal uptime can be challenging, especially for organizations with large, complex IT environments. This case study outlines how a big data approach leveraging machine learning algorithms was used to improve the uptime of critical applications and generate significant cost savings for a customer.

pet veterinary hospital

iLink helped one of the top pet veterinary hospital chains in the United States to develop a predictive model for forecasting the demand for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) needed to treat patients.

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