Microsoft Azure Implementation Increases Security


Our client, a fast growing, profitable company with a mission to close the insurance coverage gap, delivers the right insurance to customers with intelligent technology & personal advice. One of the core business problems our client faced was a lack of identity management which created multiple challenges including – 

  • Lack of security in user’s login 
  • Complex and inefficient process in users  on-boarding and off-boarding  
  • Lack of SSO for the applications 
  • Absence of self service portals for end users causing high maintenance cost on Helpdesk 
  • Centralized device management 
  • Managing the admin access to privileged users 
  • Managing access to critical applications. 


iLink approach this challenge with two staged process: 

As the first stage of the solution, our team performed data assessment to analyze the entire existing tenant and Azure Active directory and conducted the following:  

  • Documented the current State of Assurance tenant and assigned Azure Premium P2 license. 
  • Implemented MFA and SSPR for the users. 
  • Registered in-built apps and gallery apps as Azure AD enterprise applications for SSO. 
  • Simplified user management with Dynamic grouping and PowerShell scripts. 
  • Implemented Just-in-time admin access with PIM. 
  • Conditional access policies added for access management. 

During the second stage, our team proposed and implemented Microsoft MDM – Intune for device management. 


ILink‘s Management and Governance process using features of Azure AD P2, SSO helped the client understand and adopt the Azure Active Directory resulting in following benefits: 

  • An added layer of security to user identities. 
  • A simplified and automated user management process. 
  • Minimized the sign-in effort of users with SSO capability. 
  • Reduced the helpdesk maintenance cost. 
  • Improved security and minimized sign-in risks. 


iLink’s deployment of Azure AD P2 features for key applications of UWA helped our client understand the capabilities of Microsoft Azure AD in solving their Identity and security challenges. The client adopted the Azure AD P2 as the solution for establishing infrastructure Management process across all organization wide applications and systems.  

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