Digital Strategy Provides $15M in Net Present Value


Our client a leading electronic manufacturing company wanted to effectively facilitate collaboration amongst stakeholders across the organization and automate the process of managing projects. The biggest challenge here was that most of these projects go on for over a year and the quantum of documents generated over the life of the project is humungous. This made it difficult for stakeholders to find the latest version of documents and collaborate.  

Additionally, because of the huge number of tasks to be performed by different functional units across the organization and geographies as the project progresses through various stages, the next biggest challenge was around the assignment and tracking tasks.  Most of this tracking and assignment used to happen over excel sheets making the process manual and cumbersome. The client wanted our help to identify ways the entire process could be automated making it easier for managers and leadership to track progress and mitigate risk. The client wanted iLink’s help with identifying solutions that would address these challenges. 


iLink’s digital strategy team conducted a weeklong workshop wherein our experts met with the various stakeholders, conducted interviews to understand the process, challenges, goals, and identify areas of improvement.  

After interviewing the various stakeholders iLink architected four possible solution approaches that would address the key objectives of the client – convenience, transparency, scalability and efficiency. To give a holistic view we provided solutions that were a combination of technology built on Microsoft and Non-Microsoft stack. 


The client was impressed with three out of the four identified solutions. Additionally, to give the client a better understanding of the possible business outcomes, we mapped out the potential Net Present Value (NPV) and pack back period for their investments in each of the four solutions. iLink’s recommended solution provided an NPV of ~$15M with a payback period of 7 months.  

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