AI Powered Chatbot Helps Bank Improve Customer Satisfaction and Productivity


For clients in the banking industry, it has become increasingly imperative to provide the best customer experience. One of the Big Five banks in Canada, which is well known within the industry for its adoption of technology and providing digital banking services, wanted to take another leap into improving its customer service and improving operational efficiencies.

Customers today want to be able to self-service and want 24/7 quick access to customer service without having to wait in queue to get connected to an agent. With the developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), the bank identified implementing an AI driven chat bot solution as the best way to enhance its customer experience.


iLink partnered with a major AI solutions provider, to implement an AI driven chatbot solution for the client. iLink managed the customization and implementation of webchat for multiple lines of businesses for the client. We also managed the customization and development of routing rules for emails.


Human intervention is reduced to an extent when a chatbot channeling policies are put in place to keep them satisfied as an end customer. Currently the solution has been integrated to help the service agents help the end customer. The solution provides customers help with their investments needs for both retail and commercial banking clients in both French and English language.


Increase customer satisfaction and reduction of overall costs. 

The AI powered chat bot has become an integral part of the organization. It enables, 24×7 customer service, has lowered processing time and facilitated faster query resolution, leading to increased customer satisfaction. This has also helped the bank to better utilize its customer service agents and reduce operational costs.

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