Elevate Your Strategy with Business Analytics Services

Redefine Your Business Intelligence and Gain Competitive Advantage

We help organizations gain comprehensive business intelligence through embedded machine learning and artificial intelligence that helps them make better predictions and smarter decisions. iLink system offers a range of business analytics solutions that help you see beyond the data. Our years-long experience in data-centric solutions and business analytics services helps companies make most of the data turning insights into opportunities.

Understand & Strategize Your Business Analytics

Analytics Strategy

iLink Systems help companies develop an analytics strategy to improve analytic operation and evaluate the potential analytic acquisitions and opportunities. Our extensive experience helps achieve value in selecting the right analytic opportunity at the right time. We provide advice on moving analytics into operations and guidance on analytic governance. 

Understanding IoT Analytics and it's importance in Business

Embedded Analytics

iLink System delivers the best analytical experience to ensure customer growth and a high retention rate. Businesses can automate data discovery and analysis and be way ahead of their competition. Embedded Analytics helps build new business models, disrupt markets, and create new revenue streams. 

Real-time Analytics

Businesses can leverage real-time analytics to minimize risks by analyzing and understanding data as it arrives in the system. Organizations can identify statistical outliers/ anomalies caused by security breaches and technological failures. Real-time analytics help improve business strategies and better audience targeting. 

Reporting & Modeling in Business Analytics Services

Business Intelligence

We provide a Business Intelligence application for dashboards, scorecards, visualization, and reporting that is easy, agile, and robust. It combines business user self-service data preparation with enterprise-wide data governance. It helps businesses to explore data, run effective analysis, publish and share interactive dashboards, and create impactful reports.

Operational Reporting

Operational reporting provides an in-depth view of the present and immediate necessities focusing on the key areas of need. The reports can be modified and tailored as per the business needs to provide clearer insights. Operational reporting help businesses make data-driven decisions in a fast-paced environment. 

Semantic Modeling

We help to coordinate data in a semantic model to obtain valuable insights from large amounts of data coming from diverse data sources. The data can be easily accessible to data scientists and business analysts. It allows an easy extension of business requirements, data sources, and other models in time. 

iLink’s business analytics services are empowering businesses with innovative and valuable analytics solutions.  

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