Revolutionizing International Trade Compliance Process for a Leading Manufacturer

iLink Digital navigated the complexities of implementing the Harmonized System Number (HSN) Identifier tool for a leading manufacturer. Our meticulous approach ensured accurate HSN code assignments, streamlined the trade compliance process, and effectively mitigated the risk of penalties and fines, ultimately safeguarding the client’s business and reputation in the global market.



Company size

49K+ Employees


Stockholm, Sweden

Client Background:

Our client is a leading manufacturer of compressors, vacuum solutions, generators, pumps, and assembly systems. They are deeply committed to providing reliable and energy-efficient solutions, fostering sustainable development and driving growth, embodying a vision of innovation and environmental stewardship.



Business Impact

Approximately 7.25 mins per Article Number

Enhanced Accuracy of 86% and 93% for top 3 & 5 HS codes respectively

Reduced Manual Complications

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Optimize Your International Trade Compliance Process with iLink Digital

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