Enhancing Contract Validation Process with Risk Compliance Automation for a Leading Manufacturer

iLink Digital empowered the client to overcome the risk and challenges of manual intervention in the contract validation process and deal closure by implementing risk compliance automation. From hedging to financial performance reporting, our system significantly enhances accuracy by minimizing human errors and inconsistencies while ensuring timely processing and drastically reducing the error rate.



Company size

10K+ Employees


Stockholm, Sweden

About Client

Our client is a world-leading manufacturer of air compressors, committed to providing customers with reliable and energy-efficient solutions focusing on sustainable development and growth. They wanted to automate the contract validation process of their CRM with greater accuracy.



Business Impact

Reduced 90% of Manual Efforts

Increased ROI over $100,000

Reduced 0% Error Rate

Ensuring Timely Processing

Compliance with Deadlines and 0% missed deadlines

Looking to Automate Contract Validation with iLink Digital?

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