Cloud Migration Increases Security & Team Collaboration


Our client, a proven leader in global sourcing and supply chain solutions for nearly 30 years, has been trusted by the world’s largest OEMs and supply chain partners for component sourcing, distribution, aftermarket services and asset recovery. The client wanted to migrate their existing Exchange and SharePoint environment to the cloud as a strategic initiative to manage and secure their data in an easy way while protecting their data.  


Our experts had vast experience with cloud integration and proposed a migration from the Exchange Environment to Office 365. This would include moving all User, Shared & Resource mailboxes as well as distribution groups over.  

Our team also enabled and configured Skype for Business as well as Microsoft Teams to further support collaboration across the organization.  

To ensure data was secure, we provided Exchange Online Protection & Advanced Threat Protection to secure all company email data.  


iLink  began with a data assessment phase, during which our team analyzed the existing environment and suggested a Hybrid model and executed the following:  

  • Documented the current State and the future state Exchange environment.
  • Synchronized the identities to Cloud.
  • Enabled Same Sign on with office 365 through Hybrid
  • Migrate test mailboxes and validate them and initiate the Pilot batch.
  • Migrated production mailboxes with minimum user impact.
  • Enable EOP and ATP to secure email.
  • Perform DNS cutover when the migration is complete.


iLink’s deployment of Hybrid helped the client access the Office 365 services seamlessly while providing an easy way to access and administer the identity/services. The high availability service that Microsoft provides helped our client access the data with 99.99 % uptime and ensured secure and safe transmission of data. Teams and Skype for Business allowed the client to establish communications internally and externally for business needs. 

iLink’s implementation of the Hybrid Model and migration of all mailboxes to the cloud provided the following benefits:  

  • High Availability
  • User friendly administration
  • Access to Teams/SFB
  • Secure emails through EOP/ATP

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