Fircosoft Solution Increases Regulatory Compliance


Complying with sanctions regulations to protect against risks, fines, and reputational damage is an ongoing challenge for banks given the changing international regulatory landscape and increased transaction volume.

Our client wanted to implement the FircoSoft sanctions screening solution to replace existing SafeWatch system and go live to market across the Bank‘s head office and branches including London, Hongkong and India within a year without any Business impact. Considering the industry standard timelines for similar market launches, this was highly challenging.


Firco Continuity and Firco Online implementation ensures sanctions compliance and eliminates the risk of doing business with high-risk customers or entities. The solution addresses new business requirements and keeps ahead of regulatory changes.


Leveraging iLink test team expertise on FircoSoft Solution combined with performing exhaustive testing helped achieve reduced test cycle time, accelerated time to market and high end-user confidence.

Different testing aspects covered included trade, securities and payments transactions screening for all globally accepted message types against external and internal sanctions lists; transactions processing decision workflows; integration and routing rules with payment applications and gateways; complex business rules for fine tuning for false positive reduction; testing of advanced and powerful algorithms and the user interface.


Improved overall reliability, increased operational efficiency and improved cost and time savings for client. 

Client was able to push production live in 8 Regions within 1 Year with high quality of implementation with zero production issues. We achieved an effective False Positive Reduction and increased  straight-through processing (STP).

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