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Top IoT Trends To Follow In 2022

Intelligent connectivity has become a necessity for 2022. Especially since COVID-19 throttled the traditional working environment, demanding organizations to stay connected and maintain productivity while working remotely. It is a key reason behind the online digitization of today’s industry, opening a runway for next-generation IoT applications and sensor-driven analytics.   Ericsson predicts that by 2022, there […]

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Microsoft Power BI Security: 6 Best Practices

Power BI by Microsoft is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights.  It lets users create self-service datasets, reports, dashboards, and visualizations with ease and speed. Using the Power BI service, you can connect to different data sources, combine data from those sources, and create shareable reports and dashboards.  Microsoft […]

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How To Leverage Data To Build a Better Customer Experience

The world creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day.   About 90 percent of the world’s data has been created in just the past two years. The reason is the interactive nature of the internet and the growing use of connected devices. Every search your customer makes and the voice command they give contributes to the data recorded about […]

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Top 8 Technological Trends Shaping The Telecom Industry In 2022

The modern-day telecom industry is facing a broad landscape of significant business challenges. Over the past few years, the industry had witnessed a heavy decline of revenue streams in core areas like voice and text messaging along with severe competition from Over-the-Top service providers.   To stay competitive in 2022, the telecom industry is focused to undergo […]

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Reflecting on Gartner’s Top Technology Trends For 2022

Like every year, Gartner, Inc has presented another list of the top strategic technology trends for 2022. The list consists of 12 trends, selected on basis of the technology demands that flow down to CIOs and IT leaders. Unlike 2021, where technology trends were solely focused on navigating the pandemic, this year’s list highlights digital […]

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iLink Digital and Penn State Great Valley partner to enhance end-to-end learning experience using Big Data Lab

Bothell, WA, December 14th: As a certified software solution provider and systems integrator, iLink Digital has entered a strategic partnership with the educational leader, Penn State Great Valley (PSGV). Through this collaboration, iLink will promote new and ongoing avenues of research into data collection and utilization using the PSGV’s Big Data lab. Students will engage with our experts to work on Capstone project, Software Development for […]

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Cloud Security: Top 8 Best Practices to Follow in 2022

Security has been a major concern among enterprises right from the time cloud computing came into action. Though business owners wish to empower their infrastructure with cloud-enabled tools, malicious activities affecting the environment act as a hindrance. The idea of storing data or running applications on infrastructure that cannot be managed directly casts security doubts […]

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iLink Digital and the University of Texas, Dallas have announced a strategic partnership in IoT, 5G and MEC

Dallas, TX. December 6th, 2021: iLink Digital, a strategy-led enterprise delivering next-gen technology services, is pleased to announce a global partnership with the University of Texas, Dallas (UTD). Graduate and Undergraduate students from UTD are working with iLink experts on IoT, 5G and Multi-Edge Computing (MEC) in this major initiative called MIDAS. This opportunity will enhance the student learning experience in doing real life end-to-end projects.  Students will be able to gain valuable project knowledge and […]

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iLink Digital launches iSEN, a Private Secure Edge Network powered by Beezz to drive innovation at the Edge

Dallas, TX, November 30, 2021: iLink Digital, a leading provider of Advanced Communication Services (ACS), announces the launch of iSEN, iLink Secure Edge Network powered by Beezz. iSEN is offered primarily in two different models: Network-as-a-Service (Naas) and On-Prem Private Network. iSEN is the first of its kind offering in-enterprise networks and has several benefits including increased […]

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