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6 Steps To Overcome Your Business Modernization Challenges

To effectively compete in today’s fast-paced, data-centric business environment, organizations need to revolutionize their business operations. They need to go through digital transformation and design a whole new enterprise to keep the business ahead of the curve. However, implementing modernization initiatives come with its own set of challenges.   A major roadblock is changing the legacy […]

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How IoT Is Transforming The HVAC Industry

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) enables clean and quality circulation of air within the building. The system modifies the temperature as per the need of the climate or season, having a significant impact on the operational cost and reducing potential waste in the buildings.   Introducing the fast-evolving Internet of Things technologies brings greater degrees of innovation, […]

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6 Technologies Driving Sustainability in 2021

Digital solutions continue to be a significant enabler for achieving sustainability goals across industries. Earlier, organizations had to choose between high profits, competitiveness, and sustainable efforts. Today, sustainability has become a diligent act of business as it remarks contribution towards superior performance.   Between 2013-2019, companies with consistently high environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance enjoyed 4.7x […]

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Understanding No-code/Low-code Engineering

“The future of coding is no coding at all”  – Chris Wanstrath, the former CEO of code-sharing repository Github  The Covid-19 pandemic taught the business world a key lesson – adopt digital transformation or perish as the old ways no longer apply in the new normal. Enterprises are looking to be more intelligent in the software development process, […]

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iLink Digital Acquires Connexis to expand their global Data and IoT footprint

Bothell, WA, September 7, 2021  iLink Digital, a technology consulting solution firm, focused on delivering digital transformation services has entered into a strategic acquisition agreement with Connexis. The addition of Connexis’s deep Data, IoT and Product engineering expertise to iLink’s customer experience leadership will further enable iLink to drive experience-led transformation at scale for clients across multiple industries.  “This merger would help Connexis expand their digital offerings to our existing client […]

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iLink Wins 2021 Microsoft US Partner Award Winner for Power BI

Bothell, WA, August 31, 2021  iLink Digital has won the 2021 Microsoft US (MSUS) Partner Award for Power BI. This award recognizes the leadership iLink has shown in driving customer impact, solution innovation, deployment and exceptional use of Power BI over the past year to drive data-driven business transformation for our clients. Our partnership with Microsoft has allowed us to help our customers modernize their analytics with Power […]

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