Cybersecurity Trends 2024 Insights and Predictions 1.jpg

2024 has already brought formidable challenges in the realm of cybersecurity, requiring organizations to adopt a pragmatic approach to stay vigilant and maintain a robust security posture. In 2024, organizations […]

Salesforce MVP

In 2010, Salesforce introduced its MVP program as an annual event to recognize and celebrate Trailblazer experts who mentored others in their Salesforce journey. In the Salesforce landscape, MVP is […]

Cybersecurity Feature Image – 1.jpg

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology innovation, cyber threats pose a significant risk to organizations’ ability to safeguard their critical assets. The attack surface has grown exponentially due to the […]

Salesforce Hyperforce

We first heard about Salesforce Hyperforce in 2020; however, its widespread availability is a recent event. So, what is Salesforce Hyperforce, and what does it aim to achieve? Designed as […]

salesforce security

Global cybercrime damage costs are speculated to reach $10.5 trillion annually, an increase of 15% per year. Considering the recent phishing attacks, Salesforce World is also facing rising security risks. […]

A Detailed Guide to Enterprise Architecture

Today every company is in the rat race to invest in the best technology to improve their operations and boost their bottom line. Technologies are constantly evolving, forcing companies to […]

Simplify Stream Processing with Serverless Apache Flink®

We’re thrilled to be partnered with Confluent today as they announce the general availability of the industry’s only cloud-native, serverless Apache Flink® service. Available directly within Confluent’s data streaming platform […]

Zero Trust Security Framework

Unlike the traditional security model that assumes everything within the premises is secure, Zero Trust is an added layer of security. As a new cybersecurity framework, it evolves from traditional […]

Ai in cybersecurity

With technology marching forward daily, cyber threats are getting craftier every minute, creating a growing challenge for businesses to safeguard their critical assets. AI emerges as a potent ally in […]

Fabric Conference in Vegas

[Bothell, WA, 7/3/2024] – iLink Digital proudly announces its diamond sponsorship at the upcoming Microsoft Fabric Conference 2024 in Las Vegas, solidifying its position as a longstanding Microsoft Partner and […]

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