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How Technology Supports Sustainability in Manufacturing & Distribution

“Significant change is afoot [in manufacturing] and it necessitates bigger thinking. Those unprepared may find themselves being left behind.”- 2021 Deloitte report, Sustainable Manufacturing: From Vision to Action Sustainability is gaining hold in the manufacturing industry. Customers are looking for products and partners who follow eco-friendly practices, adopt green policies, and share a commitment to […]

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How to automate security with AWS?

Security is a growing concern across organizations. Almost 65% of successful intrusions remain undetected despite having security solutions in place.1 Besides, 95% of cybersecurity threats are caused by human error in some or the other way says the Global Risks Report released by the World Economic Forum.2 Well, there’s a way to kill these two […]

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When is a ‘Lift & Shift’ approach appropriate, and when is it not?

The lift and shift approach is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to migrate existing workloads to the cloud. It takes the application and its associated data as-in and runs it on cloud-native resources without having to redesign the app. While business leaders may think of it as an outdated approach, there are […]

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4 Ways IIoT is revolutionizing the Pharma Industry 

Complex supply chains, finicky chemical processes, and stringent quality control is a large part of the Pharma business. Drugs have to be made safely, efficiently and at scale with correct measures and reliable quality.   What pharma fails to realize is that using manufacturing processes that are decades out of date, and which are being phased […]

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How is Conversational AI Upscaling The Travel Industry?  

The global pandemic has emphasized the importance of technology in every sector. Since the travel industry was the most impacted one with an estimated loss of $ 2.4 trillion in 2020 it also stands a chance to make a comeback with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Automation.  Conversational AI is the future of highly […]

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Understanding Enterprise Integration & It’s Value Add to Your Business 

Back in the day, communications between systems were relatively easy because of simple data frames and applications. But today with the growing on-cloud applications, complex databases, and changing customer demand, enterprises require systems that can seamlessly exchange information without any friction, day in and day out.   These systems also send and process messages, data, and […]

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