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IT Modernization Services

Challenges in Technology Modernization

Challenges in Modernization

iLink Modernization Approach

iLink Modernization Approach

iLink has the experience and required knowledge of legacy and modern technologies to undertake technology Modernization projects.

Our Modernization approach has worked and proven time & again. We define the problem, assess the AS-IS and Future State, Transform the given, and Optimize & Re-optimize the result.

Our IT Modernization Offerings

Modernization Offerings

iLink has the experience and know-how to modernize all entities of technology and platform. Be it software language, UI, architecture, infrastructure, database. We have done it all. But, for the sake of humility, our listed offerings are:

Design Considerations

Design Considerations Technology Modernization

If modernization and migration are not your primary business, you most likely don’t have the required framework to undertake the Project.

At iLink, we have frameworks that we utilize to undertake Modernization projects. And, our frameworks have quite a few design considerations that are required to make a product not only up to date but also future-safe.

Case Studies

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