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This company’s CRM product was built using legacy technologies like Adobe Flex, FlashScript the support for which was ending by December 31st, 2020. The client was at a critical point to migrate their application to newer technologies as they were at risk of losing their clients (automobile dealer showrooms). Additionally, the current product did not have any functional or technical documentation, and most of the business logic had to be extracted from the FlashScript code.

As the client approached us in this critical phase, iLink collated a team of experienced resources, including a specialist in Adobe Flex who would extract the business logic and document it as pseudo-code. The legacy application’s UI was very complex, with many features crammed into single screens.  The challenge was building the new interface using React JS and Material UI to be as close in look and feel with the same responsiveness and legacy application. Nevertheless, the team was able to deliver the migrated application to production before the deadline.

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App Modernization Technology
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