Data Center Migration for Leading Mining Company


The client, a leading mining company in Australia, a proven provider of specialty rare-earth materials and sustainable chemical processing operations, needed help with their data center migration. The data center was located in Australia and in the process of moving to Malaysia. The existing operating systems and databases were outdated and no longer supported. 

There were numerous unused and underutilized servers which needed to be decommissioned and migrated to a central location. 


An extensive audit of the client’s current infrastructure also highlighted the presence of a single point of failure and lack of disaster recovery. Backups were not reliable and the existing systems were not reliable or maintained, and there was a lack of security best practices. There was low availability, no fault tolerance, outdated end point patching and lack of documentation. iLink set out to address all of these issues and implement a seamless migration process without disrupting business operations for the clients. 


iLink’s team of experts conducted a workshop with key stakeholders in the company to understand the impact of this initiative on business operations. iLink worked with the client’s IT team to devise a phased plan that would enable the client to continue to focus on their business operations. 

The migration of workloads, servers and applications to Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in Malaysia and to O365 was completed in 6 months. 


iLink was able to deploy the solution in a quick timeline for the customer. Post deployment, a complete QA of all servers and applications was conducted to ensure alignment with business expectations. 

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