Revolutionizing Edge Device Management for a Leading Energy Industry

iLink Digital helped the client in reducing the risk of manual interventions in edge device management, especially in remote locations, ranging from software installations to critical configuration file management, while reducing the increased risk of downtime and compliance challenges.



Company size

45000K+ Employees


Texas, United States

About Client

The client is one of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the energy industry, operating in diverse and challenging environments, including upstream, downstream, and midstream operations. They wanted to implement centralized monitoring and management of their edge device’s health and performance in remote locations, reducing manual interventions and efforts, leading to minimized downtime and enhanced system stability and compliance adherence.



Business Impact

80% of Reduction in Manual Efforts

90% of Reduction in Manual Intervention

Reduced Downtime

Enhanced Compliance Adherence

Improved Operational Efficiency

Enhanced System Stability

Future-Proof Your Edge Devices with Our Cutting-edge Management Capabilities

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