Methodology, Delivery Model & Frameworks for Low-Code Engineering using Power Platforms

Low-Code Engineering

Where is the market going?

Gartner predicts that by 2024, low-code development will account for more than 65% of all software development activity. And to top it, 41% of IT-centric organizations are already using some low-code platform or technique. This upswing was initiated by the rising need to quickly accomplish critical yet straightforward tasks, and the vast armory of low-code engineering tools fueled this growth. And organizations, previously hesitant, are opening their coffers to adopt these technologies so that they don’t fall behind the curve and lose market share to their competitors.

How can we help?

The rising “Why” in the market was blinding to us, and we Early Adopted into this stream. Being a trusted Microsoft Partner, we have excelled in implementing Power Platform solutions for our clients and gained recognition with Microsoft for being the best in doing so. We have received the 2021 Microsoft US partner Award in Power BI. For that, we are grateful to our clients for giving us the opportunity and are honored for being recognized.

iLink Power Platform Capabilities

iLink Power Platform Offerings

360 Degree Strategy and Guidance
Admin Build and Setup
Setup for Success Build and Setup
Build Community and Scale Empower

Case Studies

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