Boost Efficiency with Application Modernization Services

Re-deploy your legacy software to the cloud with modern, easy-to-use code

Elevate Your Systems with Application Modernization Services

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Get a market-ready rebuild of critical functions with a minimum viable product (MVP) deployed.

End Capacity Limits & Crashes

Respond instantly to traffic spikes and eliminate system crashes with microservices, auto-scaling, and self-healing technology.

Automate Cyber Security & Regulatory Compliance

Make regulatory compliance an effortless and automated process across SOC, FINRA, PCI-DSS and HIPAA, and many others.

Slash Long-Term Costs

Reduce capital spending caused by expensive and difficult-to-maintain infrastructure just to support your legacy systems.

Fix Issues The Same Day

Keep your users happy with easy-to-manage software that drops your ticket response times and enables same-day ticket resolution.

Deploy Updates Without Disrupting UX

Seamlessly roll out updates, fix bugs and test new functions faster than your competitors with microservices and containerization.

Free Up Your Internal Resources

Get your skilled developers working on revenue generating initiatives instead of break-fixing your old legacy systems.

Know Your ROI Before Starting the Project

We’ll start with an application assessment and feasibility review so you can see the ROI and value of the project before committing.

Get Support After Launch

Offload ongoing maintenance with Application Modernization Services for training, patches, updates, and big fixes post-launch.

Top Complaints Employees Have with Existing Applications

Application Modernization Challenges

Deploy Your Market Ready Enterprise Application

You can’t afford to wait 2 years for an app modernization project to complete – your competitors are leveraging microservices right now to launch daily feature updates. 

We get you caught up in 10 weeks by migrating your critical features to the cloud first in order to establish a minimum viable product (MVP).

With a clear ROI and happy users, you’ll also get full executive buy-in for the whole project.

Want to stay up to date on Application Modernization Services Download our infographic here : 

Deploy Your Market Ready Enterprise Application
Cut Your Long-Term Application Support Costs

Cut Your Long-Term Application Support Costs

Maintaining your old legacy software is expensive and becoming increasingly more difficult to service.

You’re keeping skilled (and expensive) staff to work on an archaic language for the purpose of fixing endless bugs because the code base doesn’t accommodate current business needs. 

We agree, that doesn’t make any sense. 

We’ll rebuild your legacy stack using modern code that makes it easy for even new graduates to work on. 

With cloud-deployment you’ll never face crippling bugs and crashes, and your application management costs will be cut in half by the time you’re fully deployed

Companies are Looking to Improve their Ability to Respond to Change and Streamline IT

Application Modernization Services - Streamline

Respond to Traffic Spikes Instantly, Without Any CapEx Costs

Keeping over-capacity in your server hardware – just in case you get a traffic spike – is no way to run a business in the 21st century. 

We’ll eliminate your CapEx costs, make you responsive to traffic spikes, and give you global delivery capabilities by re-deploying your new application to the cloud.

You can retire your old gas-guzzling servers, and pay for only the capacity you need, when you need it. 

Deploy Bug Fixes without Your Users Noticing

System crashes and downtime can ruin the customer experience and push your users to more reliable competitors

while you wait hours (or even days) to fix bugs in your software.

Modernized software gives you the ability to minimize response time and instantly resolve issues. 

Containerization ensures that you can isolate and solve problems without anyone noticing the bug fix being deployed.

Effortlessly Comply with Industry Regulations

Legacy applications are notoriously difficult to update for changes in regulations – leaving you exposed to liability, or on the hook for expensive updates that sometimes aren’t possible.

Today you can get around this by using modern platforms like the cloud, and letting the cloud vendor deal with regulatory compliance. 

The problem is your existing applications don’t work in the cloud.  

We’ll automate your compliance efforts with app modernization that lets you use a cloud provider that can meet and exceed your regulatory requirements.

Launch New Features Faster Than Your Competition

Keeping your Application modernization services portfolio fresh and up to date with new features is critical to keeping your customers happy. 

With microservices and containerization you can quickly build and deploy new features with an agile and efficient business process. 

This operating cost reducing approach eliminates unnecessary spending on reprogramming for simple changes and reduce roll out time of new services from months to days.

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