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Business Intelligence for healthcare organizations using Office Business Applications

Microsoft Office Business Applications (OBA) are radically changing the way businesses "do business". OBAs connect Line of Business Systems and Enterprise Applications with the people that use them through the familiar interface of Microsoft tools such as Office SharePoint and Outlook. iLink has been aggressively developing the use of OBAs to help our Clients drive [...]
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Getting Agile with Software Development

How would you like your project team to be? With individuals struggling hard to follow set processes and tools (or) individuals interactive effectively in collaborative environment A thoroughly written set of documents (or) a quickly developed working piece of software Lengthy discussions on contract negotiation (or) a viable channel that involves customer collaboration A process [...]
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Adopting an Environmental Management System for significant improvement in efficiency and ROI

Pursuing a commitment to environmental excellence or trying to improve environmental performance (for example, compliance with regulations or prevent pollution) are a critical challenges faced by most business sectors. In order to meet these goals, organizations need to have an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) that it is clearly defined and well documented; a TOP-DOWN [...]
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How to Conquer SOA

Some CIOs and IT managers are reluctant to adopt Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) systems for their organization due to concerns about expensive implementation and/or interruptions that stall SOA programs and business operations. In this webinar strategist Jordan Braunstein and implementation expert Siva Yelamanchili address the reluctance and the roadblocks along the road to SOA implementation [...]
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Improving patient experience by implementing Microsoft HealthVault solutions

With the healthcare industry moving towards consumer driven healthcare, there is a growing demand for Personal Health Records (PHRs). Studies show that by empowering consumers with easy access to their health and medical data drives cost-effective health care decisions. But what are the challenges faced by payers and hospitals that implement these solutions? This webinar [...]

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