iLink & Microsoft Present : Understanding Virtual Dataverse Tables – No Coding Required

Join iLink & Microsoft to learn more about how to leverage Microsoft Dataverse to build custom virtual tables utilizing data from external sources. These tools aim to allow the end user to read data from multiple third-party systems directly into the Microsoft Dataverse Database without having to replicate the data with scenarios and integration components while maintaining the end user experience for optimal efficiency. 

In this virtual event, learn how these tables are a value-add layer on top of your existing data storage systems, making them easy to leverage in your business apps. Developers can implement plug-ins to read, update and delete external data with the Dataverse web services & plug-in registration tools. End-users will be able to view data easily, search through results and fetch XML based reports and dashboards for added time-savings.

Are you a Business leader /Citizen / Pro developer? If yes, then this event is for you. You’ll learn how to understand the basics of the Virtual Connector Provider and virtual tables, including examples of how to reference data from external systems without replicating it in Dataverse. 

Event focus topics:   

  • Overview of Virtual Table & Benefits
  • Overview of Virtual Table Provider and connector 
  • Set up and Configurations for Virtual Dataverse Tables 
  • How to connect Virtual Dataverse tables with no code, via Connectors (Demo) 





– Federal [including Military], State, Local and Public Education. This is a Microsoft partner event. Should items of value (e.g. food, promotional items) be disbursed to event participants, these items will be available at no charge to attendees. Please check with your ethics policies before accepting items of value.



Feb 09 2023


9:00 am - 10:00 am
Vikas Date, Expert Technical Architect at iLink Digital


Vikas Date, Expert Technical Architect at iLink Digital
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