Open AI and Generative AI

Turbocharge Credit Union Member Engagement with Generative AI

Credit Unions are continually seeking innovative ways to enhance membership growth and engagement. Generative AI can aid credit unions in tailoring member journeys, reducing member churns, and enhancing the overall member experience.

Join us as we explore the transformative and practical potential of ParrotGPT, your Gen AI-powered smart virtual assistant, in Credit Union member engagements. Parrot GPT can offer bespoke solutions to meet the evolving needs of modern Credit Union members, all practically and efficiently.

From personalized interactions to seamless transactions, discover how ParrotGPT can elevate Credit Union’s member experience to new heights.

Why is this Session a Must for Credit Union Leaders?

  • Boost Member engagement with contextual, intuitive, and tailored responses.
  • Reduce Member churn by addressing member concerns on time, every time.
  • Improve employee productivity by routing repetitive queries to Gen AI bots.
  • Enhance member journey experience within credit unions using Gen AI product recommenders.

What’s Covered in this Webinar?

  • How are rule-based chatbots not enough for today’s tech-savvy individuals?
  • How does ParrotGPT improve member interactions with personalized assistance?
  • How does ParrotGPT enhance member engagements across channels without losing context?
  • How to build, test, and deploy a Generative chatbot for credit unions in hours?

Who Must Attend?

  • CEO/President
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Growth Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Member Experience Officer
  • VP – Digital Transformation, Member Experience, and Branch Service Managers or any stakeholder committed to improving Member Engagement and Retention in Credit Unions.
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    – Federal [including Military], State, Local and Public Education. This is a Microsoft partner event. Should items of value (e.g. food, promotional items) be disbursed to event participants, these items will be available at no charge to attendees. Please check with your ethics policies before accepting items of value.


    May 15 2024


    9:00 am - 10:30 am


    Virtual Event
    Magesh Mahadevan, Co-Founder, PurpleSlate Pvt Ltd.


    Magesh Mahadevan, Co-Founder, PurpleSlate Pvt Ltd.
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