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Taming Technical Debt of Your Organization

Is code deployment in your Salesforce org taking longer than it used to? Are you seeing an increase in support tickets from your users related to user experience? Are trysts with governor limits becoming frequent now?If your answer to the above questions is YES or MAYBE, then you are struggling with the accrual of technical debt. It refers to the cost of additional rework caused by implementing quick fixes as you customize your org.Tech debt amounts to 20-40 % of the entire technology value. This translates into hundreds and millions of dollars of unpaid debt for larger organizations.

Technical debt is not your fault; every company has some degree of it. However, without timely measures and a management strategy, you’ll spend more time addressing the org issues instead of developing revenue opportunities.

In our upcoming webinar, hear our industry expert,  Shiv Devinarayanan, CEO & Founder of Dazeworks, talk about tactics to identify and manage technical debt today to secure your products for the future. It’s time you choose quality over speed.

What we’ll discuss:

  • What is technical debt in the context of Salesforce? How does it impact your business?
  • Why does technical debt happen at all?
  • How to address technical debt without disrupting the current way of doing business?
  • How can you avoid creating new technical debt?

Who should attend?

Business stakeholders, Program Leads, software developers, IT professionals, or anyone passionate about technology.

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    Aug 31 2022


    11:00 am - 12:00 pm
    Shiv Devinarayanan, CEO & Founder, Dazeworks Inc, Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame.


    Shiv Devinarayanan, CEO & Founder, Dazeworks Inc, Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame.
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