Robotic Process Automation – your new no-collar workforce!

The past two years of Covid-19 have dramatically changed the way people do business. As organizations are adapting to new realities, they are looking towards RPA as a means to build agility and resilience in their business.  

Although 53% of organizations have started an RPA journey, only 3% have managed to scale RPA successfully. Nearly half of RPA journeys stall after automating 10 or fewer processes – and 30-50% of implementations fail altogether.  

We understand scaling of RPA can be hindered by several organization-level issues, especially when implemented on a large scale. However, embracing a more fundamental approach considering key factors like process, people, and technology helps to overcome barriers to successful RPA scaling. 

Join our free session, Robotic Process Automation – your new no-collar workforce, to hear from leaders, analysts, and automation experts across industries and learn why your business can’t wait to implement it! 

 What will you learn? 

  • What is RPA and Why your business needs it now more than ever? 
  • 2022 emerging RPA trends conquering the industries worldwide 
  • Factors to consider when implementing RPA 
  • Domains where RPA can contribute significantly 
  • Scaling up the RPA if already implemented 
  • Future of RPA 
  • How iLink can help your organization at different levels of the RPA journey. 

Who should attend? 

You are highly welcome if you are Business stakeholders, RPA Program Leads, RPA developers, IT professionals, or simply passionate about RPA.  

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    Jul 26 2022


    11:30 am - 1:00 pm


    Sushant Gadankush - Founder at InnoWise

    Other Organizers

    Sabyasachi Basu - Sr. Manager Digital Transformation at InnoWise
    Tasneem Liyaqut - RPA Business Analyst at InnoWise
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