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iLink & Microsoft Present: Power Virtual Agents

An AI based chatbot to provide varied features- from addressing simple questions to conversing with customers to resolve critical issues. Thus, enabling the business to leverage their resources and increase the productivity and scalability.

As a business and IT leader, attend this event to see how your organization could benefit from Power Virtual Agents. It can help enhance your customer support experience, efficiently manage your resources and provide key data insights which could be turned into profitable business solutions.

As a citizen developer, join this event and check how to build a chatbot with low code and integrate in your application.

As a pro developer, join this event to understand the capabilities of the Power Virtual Agents and how to leverage the Power Virtual Agent with Power Automate to design complex and dynamic workflows and make your chatbot further intuitive and robust.

Event focus topics: 

  • Overview of Power Platform
  • What are Power Virtual Agents
  • Why Power Virtual Agents?
  • Features of Power Virtual Agents
  • Licensing
  • Key components of Power Virtual Agents
  • Analytics in Power Virtual Agents
  • Power Virtual Agents in Teams
  • Power Virtual Agents Roadmap
  • Demo
  • Q & A


    Apr 26 2023


    9:00 am - 10:00 am


    Sneha Shekatkar - Senior Software Engineer at iLink Digital
      Open Chat

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