Server Migration for a leading Logistics and Supply Chain Company

Business Scenario:

The customer was looking to migrate their infrastructure of more than 100+ servers in the cloud. They also wanted to gain access to a highly skilled and competent workforce capable of performing in a complex IT environment. Their main requirement was to Design, Consult and Migrate to Azure Cloud along with maintaining a highly available infrastructure and automate it to scale as per the requirement.

iLink’s Solution:

The customer engaged with iLink, a Microsoft Gold Partner known for their cloud expertise, to provide a consulting assessment, proof of concept, and to develop and implement a customized Azure migration strategy. Because the customer had standardized on Microsoft and utilized Microsoft SQL Database Software, they looked to Microsoft Azure.

First, iLink conducted a Proof of Concept (POC) to provide data for optimization. The right-sizing for virtual machines (VMs) was determined to give improved performance across the workloads and reduce processing times they were experiencing with Green Cloud DC, which was a driving factor for the change. Complete migration with DR, backup and Security were implemented.

Outcome & Benefits

  • Reduced the over TCO by 30%.
  • Met the client’s business requirements with assured SLAs during the transition.
  • Improved availability of services to the client’s audience.

Key Azure technologies:

  • Azure Backup (BaaS)
  • Azure Hosting (IaaS)
  • Azure site Recovery (DRaaS)
  • Azure Security Center
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