Migrate core services to the cloud

Business Scenario

Our Client started Cloud journey couple of years ago, They had multiple challenges with Cloud technology and following are the few of the issues listed Cloud best practices


Our customer opted AWS as the Public Cloud Service Provider, we leveraged following AWS services 

  • Configured AWS ORG and OU’s
  • Created SCP policy set and deployed at Root and linked account level
  • Configured and created connectivity between On-Prem and Cloud using DirectConnet/Transit Gateway
  • Designed and deployed AWS SSO solution with JumpCloud integration
  • Created Groups, Roles and IAM Policy set based on user project requirement
  • Applied Zero Trust security methodology – CloudTrail, Config, KMS, Guardrails, Security Hub
  • Migrated Docker Containers to ECS repositories
  • Deployed and build ECS Containers on AWS
  • Helped client’s team to integrate with other AWS services – Lambda, SQS, SNS, Secret Manager, S3, KMS, CloudWatch
  • Defined Cloud Monitoring rules in CloudWatch, CloudTrail and used Splunk as log analytics tool
  • Migrated 20 DB’s from On-Prem to RDS – SQL and Postgress
  • Constructed and tested RDS Backup and restore
  • Secured AWS credit benefit
  • Applied Cost Optimization by leveraging – Resource Utilization, Reserved Instances

Outcomes & Benefits

We provided end-end AWS Cloud Solution as per the requirement and this help customer Cloud team to construct safe and productive cloud environment. This help client’s team at both ends

iLink used services such as

Transit Gateway Architecture

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