Leading mobile software company enhances case management experience of their customers

Our client is a top mobile software development company that provides an in-app customer service platform. They serve over 820 million active consumers monthly with a key focus on providing exceptional customer experience.


Location : United States, India

Industry : Mobile app development

Our client utilizes powerful AI and bot capabilities to transform service quality, while reducing costs and operational complexities. The platform overcomes the disconnect between conventional methods of phone and email support through a seamless digital messaging experience.


With mobile taking over our lives and the way we access the internet, every company needs to constantly be on top of their game. People are changing their preferences towards self-help customer support services. Our client’s innovative platform comes into play here. The platform is compatible across multiple devices and can integrate with a number of third-party applications.

Our client realized that a huge number of their customers are Salesforce users. This posed a very specific challenge. These users were finding it cumbersome to manage their support cases due to the widening gap between our client’s platform and Salesforce. Our client’s customer first logged cases on the client platform through the support app. If a user needed to move cases to Salesforce, they had to do so manually. This was time-consuming and a loss of support personnel productivity. The users faced the additional challenge of maintaining and juggling separate logins for both these systems.


With Salesforce growing in popularity as a CRM and case management tool, it was the perfect solution to be factored into our client’s platform applications. Our team developed a Canvas based application that can reuse the native UI and existing functionalities of our client’s platform. The app was published on Salesforce Appexchange.

From the Appexchange, our client’s customers can directly install and integrate it with their systems in no time. The app was created keeping in mind the security review criteria that Salesforce administers. Once installed, customers can use the client’s platform seamlessly within Salesforce. The proposed solution synced FAQs and issues effortlessly between the two systems.

Every time an issue was created or updated on the client platform, it also synced with a Salesforce case. Similarly, users can leverage the Knowledge Article feature from Salesforce to export articles from Salesforce into the platform as FAQs.


The Appexchange app for Salesforce gave our client the capability to introduce mobile-first CRM experience for mobile apps. It also offered mobile app support right from within their customers’ Salesforce org.


The developed solution helped users to easily access the client platform and its associated support services and FAQ content from within Salesforce itself. Users can track the cases created in the client platform from within Salesforce. The support agents and supervisors can easily keep track of a case and its progress.


The Appexchange app for Salesforce gave our client the capability to introduce mobile-first CRM experience for mobile apps.


The extensive repository of Salesforce Knowledge Articles were exported into the client platform through the app giving customers anytime-anywhere assistance to relevant FAQ content. The ease of accessing the platform’s Dashboard from within Salesforce and all the backend integration helped improve customer support levels.

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