Building an Efficient Lead Assignment System for a Fast-growing Freelancer Network

Our client works towards building the most technologically advanced platform for freelance jobs. Their journey has led to the creation of thousands of work-from-home job opportunities, and they dream to create millions more!


Our client is a venture-backed internet startup in the United States with an innovative mission concept that allows people the freedom to work from home. They have built software that connects clients to over 14,000 freelancers in the US and Canada in real time through reliable communication modes. This fast-paced freelancer network delivers services like transcription, captioning and translation within a 24-hour timeline at 99% accuracy or better.


When the client approached us, they were following a time-consuming process for lead assignment that was impacting the sales team’s productivity. The client’s team receives multiple inbound leads in a day that are fielded by Salesforce users from their sales teams. Then, these are assigned to sales reps who qualify them and check for existing leads for the same account. Once qualified, it will be converted to an active opportunity that requires follow-ups further in the sales and delivery process.

Their earlier sales workflow was slow and long-winded. Each time a sales rep received an inbound email expressing interest in the client’s services, they marked those leads. At the end of each day, the sales team ran a report that identified these marked leads and then reassigned them manually to corresponding sales reps. This process proved inefficient, especially as they started receiving more inbound emails.

The client wanted to introduce a process to automate lead assignment for sales reps keeping in mind their current capacity. They aimed to streamline the process of re-assigning leads such that the first-level sales reps can do this themselves without any hassles.

Each time a lead is assigned to a user, the client wanted to make it visually obvious that they had received a new lead. This way, the user can clearly distinguish between leads they had not been worked on yet and the new or in-progress ones.

Once a process was in place for first-level reps to assign leads to sales reps as and when they receive inbound emails, the next requirement was to create better tracking around the lead hand-off process. In essence, they wanted to track the lifecycle of a lead from hand-off to whatever the end stage is – be it conversion to an opportunity or rejection. Since the hand-off is the pivotal moment in the sales pipeline, they needed to effectively track what happens before, during, and after the hand-off.


The Dazeworks team carried out detailed discovery sessions with the client’s team. We developed the functionality whereby the sales rep can drop or receive a new lead based on their capacity.

We created a Visualforce page and added it on the Domain User Assignment record detail page. This helped ensure that a sales rep who owns a lead can drop it. Leads will be reassigned only based on capacity which is preset according to the team that he/she is on. Also, a sales rep can receive new leads only if he/she has the capacity for it.


The new solution led to an increase in qualified leads and higher conversions. It simplified repetitive tasks & improved collaboration between departments. It made it quick and easy for users to receive leads via round robin as per the predefined user capacity and drop leads in just one click. It improved the sales team’s productivity and increased efficiency manifold with less time being spent on administrative tasks.

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